Monday, August 3, 2015

A week of revelation!!

Hola Family and friends! Ohio is fabulous as usual:) Ahhh this was a week of many events! Tuesday we had MLC. IT WAS AMAZING!! The end was my favorite part though. I was pondering all week on how I can be a more diligent missionary, and a better leader. During the testimonies at the end the Spirit was so strong. The missionaries going home (including my companion) bore strong testimony of the Savior. During this time the Spirit told me I need to study the Atonement. So the next morning that's what I did, and oh my goodness has it already made a difference. The Atonement should be my motive for everything. I love the Savior, and he loves me, and everyone! Everyone I talk to needs to know this message! Everyone needs the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Without it, we would have no purpose in this life. I am so grateful that I everyday get to learn more of my Savior and grow closer to Him:)

Exchanges this week, Sister Mecham and I both went to Cambridge with Sister Wolffe and Currier! It was like a huge slumber party haha:) the exchange was good! I am learning a lot how to be a good leader and help the Sisters under my stewardship:) as I am doing this I am also leaning more about how I can be a better missionary! It's really cool:) 

I received more revelation this week on how to help Newark flourish, and that's an area book fast. So pretty much what this is is that we will not see any potential investigators or former's. We will purely be tracting! All week! Ahh! It'll be a humbling experience needless to say haha. But Sister Mecham and I feel really good about it:) so wish us luck!:)

So this Sunday was fast Sunday right? So Sister Mecham and I decided to do it lunch to lunch! So for lunch on Saturday we went to Bob Evans and got these huge omelettes and hash browns and pancakes:) thanks Grandma and Grandpa Slater for the extra cash to get food! It wasn't wasted:) we ate the whole thing... We were so full! But we were fasting after right? It's like hibernation! Haha it's just so funny cause we literally were not hungry at all, not even when we finally got to eat Sunday afternoon. So moral of the story, stuff your face before you fast:) Tara fasted too!:) she had her baptismal interview and she is good to be baptized Saturday!! She is sooo excited! I feel so blessed to be apart of this experience! I love you all and appreciate all the prayers!! Love you:)

 Flynn Ryder?


 RIP Sister Mecham. She is pretty much dead. In three weeks. Can't believe she is going home!

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