Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We stood all amazed

This letter home is a sad one.. It's the week we say farewell to my other half.. Haha:) gotta love companions:) I still can't believe Sister Mecham is going home though!! It made for a good week though:) well a week and a half I guess! 

Last p-day we went to this garden place as a district. It was all Japanese themed so we felt very peaceful and meditated a lot. We for sure need that now a days haha! This week did have a few rough days though. We don't know what it was! But Sister Mecham and I were just dragging our feet going through the motions. We did not want to be this way, and we prayed a lot. The experience really humbled us! But we didn't know what would help us. Luckily there was something that helped us immensely:) and that was being spoke to by Elder Cook! He came and spoke to us! It was AMAZING!!   He is the cutest. 

It's cool cause President and Sister Daines told us with our faith and working hard that we could change what Elder Cook and Elder Hallstrom spoke to us about. When they got there they told us that they just decided a few minutes before the meeting that they were going to ask us questions that they could answer! It was so amazing and so inspired. Sister Mecham and I knew we needed to be humbled for this meeting, so the spirit could speak to us more. Elder Cook told us how precious we are to the leadership of the church, and the Lord. It helped me remember why I am here. Even though it is soo hard! It's worth it:) I love what Elder Halstrom of the seventy told us though. He said don't endure your mission! Don't change for the next 18 months then go home and be the same, change forever. The Lord wants you to change forever. Those words really struck me. These habits I have formed, I must keep with me through the rest of my life! Missions are incredible.

I really cannot describe all that was felt, and heard at this meeting but the end was my favorite. Elder Cook gave us his Apostolic promise. He told us that what we are doing now will bless all those we love, our families, friends, our future spouse and future children. He told us that as we continue to use the power the Lord has given us we will achieve all we want to do and all the Lord wants us to do. During the closing song we were all sobbing. But the end was the best part, as Elder Cook left we all stood and it was dead silent. When he was gone it continued to be still, every missionary in the mission "Stood All Amazed". None of us could speak. The Lords church is truly on the earth today, with apostles and prophets. I could never deny that, especially after that experience. 

This letter is all over the place haha but I'm just so excited about this week and what I've learned! But here is a classic missionary story:) our investigator sees us on the way to church and she's all hold on I'm driving to McDonald's to grab me a coffee then I'll be at church!! Oh my.. Haha. So she gets to church and didn't have time to drink it, so while I'm partaking of the sacrament I just get this Whiff on coffee hahahaha then her phone goes off and she yells oh crap!! Man, I love these experiences:) needless to say she texted us and told her it's not gonna work out Haha:) she just loves her coffee too much:)

I love being a missionary, I would not change it for the world. Seeing Sister Mecham preparing to go home is hard, she is torn apart! Ohio has our hearts! And Newark does especially:) I am grateful I have had the opportunity to serve with her. Thank you for all your support and prayers:) I love you! 
 Meditation at its finest!


 Our cute district:) District fun day!!

 Face timing these cute sisters:) Me in the lower corner crying because Sister Mecham is leaving me!

After Elder Cook, it was amazing!

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