Monday, August 10, 2015

He hears us.

I thought I would dedicate my weekly this week to one of the newest members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Tara Bomsta.:) Now, every convert into the church is a miracle, but I would like to share Tara's story with you all, to show how God answers prayers, and works in mysterious ways.

Tara grew up Pentecostal. She had really strict rules growing up, which is a huge blessing because she grew up following every commandment we follow and more! Her faith was strong, but when she would go to church she was always so confused about the doctrine, especially with the trinity. She would pray and ask Heavenly Father to send someone to her who could show her the truth. Fast forward, and she was introduced to Brandon Bomsta, a member of the church and also her future husband.:) They studied the gospel together, and everything just clicked. She understood it now! She took the missionary lessons and wanted to be baptized. But since life happens and things happen in didn't work out right then. Fast forward again to 2015.

Sister Mecham and I came into Newark! We saw a lot of potential here, but we didn't have many people to teach. We wanted to find "kingdom builders" to help strengthen the ward. We were working so to find people to teach. We were praying all day everyday!! In a meeting we both received revelation we needed to go to area 5 and area 3, and that's where we would find a kingdom builder, and someone who is prepared. Our areas are split up into smaller areas. There are five total. It was cool we both received that revelation!! So we went tracting like crazy in those areas and no luck. So for the July fast Sunday we both fasted that we would be led to someone seeking the truth, we didn't even talk about what we'd fast for so it was obviously the spirit who told us to! Then that very Sunday Tara was there! We straight up thought she was a member already until we were told she wasn't! We quickly set up a return appointment. And guess what?? She lives in area 5!! How crazy!! God is good.

When we met with Tara she told us she wanted to be baptized and she has been taught everything. We were in shock. How could someone be more prepared? We later found out she had already asked her brother in law to baptize her even before she talked with us.The more we have gotten to know Tara the more we have learned her side of the story. She told us how she had feelings she needed to go back to a church about a month before we met with her. She went to a baptist church and while there realized her family needed to be apart of our church. She kept having dreams of the world ending and how her family needed the gospel for this time. So, she told Brandon and they decided to come to church that first week in July. While Sister Mecham and I were praying to be led to those prepared, Tara was receiving those promptings from the spirit to go to church! Such a miracle.

Tara's baptism this week was beautiful. She was so excited, and in her testimony she talked of how God answered her prayer, and he always will. In her blessing when she was confirmed it also mentioned of how her prayer was finally answered, and that she is a chosen daughter of God. What a blessing missionary work is, that I get to see the Lords hand working miracles. He truly does answer prayers. He answered ours, and Tara's and because of that we were led together to help bring her back to her Heavenly Father. The church is true, and God loves us all.
 We took a yolo trip to Olive Garden for lunch. No regrets.

Tara!! She looked beautiful:)

Us with the Bomsta family:) such a miracle!! Isn't she beaming?:)

 Elder Anders Bomsta. future missionary. He's the cutest!!

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