Thursday, October 29, 2015

White walls colored cream.

Haha, well this week is different than any week I have had here in Ohio!:) Sister Barton and I went to district activity on Monday. We were taking a nice walk when BAM! Sister Barton hit her knee on the corner of a bench. It was a sharp one! Ouch! That night it swelled up like a balloon and she could hardly walk. We went in for the night. The next day it was worse. We called Sister Daines and she told her to rest her knee. We were stuck inside ahhhh. She had Kimber come and bring us some crutches and with the crutches she brought a giant bag of skinny pop!! She knows it's my favorite!! Thanks Sister Daines!  It kept me sane.:)

She couldn't walk pretty much all week. We went to scheduled appointments but would come back after. SO MANY WHITE WALLS!! Haha! The doctor couldn't get her in until Thursday. It was a long few days. We went stir crazy a few times. I got up and just started dancing everywhere, haha and singing. You know me!:) It was a good time, haha! On the bright side I got a chance to read a few hundred pages of Jesus the Christ this week. That book though. It's the most amazing book, next to the Book of Mormon.:) I'm learning so much about our Lord. My mind is being blown everyday, and my testimony is growing so much.

Heavenly Father truly blesses us. Even though we didn't get out much this week, when we looked at our numbers for the week last night they were pretty good! Heavenly Father still helped us get work done. He is so merciful. Sitting inside this week helped me realize how much I love the work. How much I love what I do everyday. There is no greater joy than this work. I love you!!
 Giant skinny pop bag:)!!!! Feat. The white walls I stared at all week!!

This car was winking at me.. So I winked back:)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Life of a missionary.

Really don't have to much to report on this week. Been working hard,finding Gods children to teach. Got antied by this guy who stood no chance haha. Seriously! It was a joke. He requested a Book of Mormon online. So we went to deliver it and he wanted it just so he could prove it wrong, he wanted to save members of our church, haha! I was like uh yeah, we are not shaken haha. Sometimes I just cannot even believe how bold I've become with people. The spirit truly fills my mouth. Words come out and I have no idea where they came from!

Everyone here has a nasty cold. I was telling Sister Barton how I haven't gotten sick in forever then a few days later I caught the cold haha of course! Haha but I keep working. The Lord helps me feeling
better during the work even if things are a little fuzzy! I blanked during a lesson. Thank goodness for companions:)

Well things are chilly here. I've started singing Christmas music naturally. Haha, Sister Barton wants to kill me but nothing can stop me!! I'm doing the best work In the whole world!!! I'm a representative of Jesus Christ!!:) AHHH!:) love you all!! Shout out to the beautiful Sadie Sue. Good job at Distinguished Young Women.  You have support here in Ohio:) love you!:)

Our companionship in a nut shell. Sorry for Only one pic this week!!

Monday, October 12, 2015

The struggle is real

It's been a busy week here in the great OCM.:) Many interesting things have happened...haha! Let's start with Wednesday morning:

So sister Barton and I went for a jog. I put the house key in the place I always put it. It's always been safe! Anyway we get back from the run and the key wasn't there. We went back to try and find it and we couldn't. Noooo!!!! We called our apartment complex and no answer. They didn't open till 10. We also of course had Zone Meeting at 9:30 that we were in charge of, haha. Life! We sat outside for 2 hours.. And no one was around to help us. It was really cold too. We found a laundry room to sit in that was warm. haha. After a few minutes of that we knew we had to do something so we went outside and there was this guy so we walked up to him and asked if he was the maintenance guy. He was!! What the???? We called him Probably 20 times, haha. So,3 hours later with frozen fingers and being an hour late to our meeting we ran inside got ready super quick and went to the meeting. I would lose the key... Haha!! Good times!:)

Another funny story...We are tracting and hear these little meows...
There was a lost kitty somewhere! We thought maybe it was in the dumpster but we soon realized it was in the tree. A cat stuck in a tree. Totally on my bucket list to save it, haha! So, Sister Barton is all "I'll boost you and grab the cat" she boosts me up and I go to grab it and the cat runs away, down the tree, and onto the ground! The stinkin cat wasn't even stuck!! Haha! Sister Barton hurt her wrist from the situation and I scratched my thumb and it was bleeding everywhere!!  And the best part.. I'm allergic to cats. Haha we tried to be heroic, it's the thought that counts!:)

We are teaching a man named Ken. I like to call him Grandpa Ken cause he is just adorable!!:) He opened the door with intentions to tell us to leave but the Spirit touched him and we have been teaching him since. He's amazing. He came to church and just loved it!!! He was like the popular guy,haha!  Everyone was hanging around him.:) He's the best!  Many miracles here in the town of Newark. I love the people here!!:) There are some crazies.. But hey. We are the weird church girls walking around in skirts!

I love you all!!!:) Have a fabulous week! And a happy birthday to my Grandma:) LOVE YOU!!:)
 The zone!

 Texas Roadhouse:)

 I love exchanges! Sister Gordon is so cute:)

Sister Barton told me to pose by the train.. This is what I came up with:) haha

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Come Listen to a Prophets Voice

What a beautiful conference weekend it was!!:) literally I crave conference. I get excited to know all the things the Lord wants me to hear!! Ah! The church is so true I can't even deal:) I just love

It was transfers this week! I am staying in Newark woooo! Six months here, and I couldn't be happier:) I love it here!:) it's starting to get chilly. I love FALL!!! I bought some hand sanitizer that smells like fall and it makes me so happy:) OSU is still winning too, so that makes me happy:) but really this week was fantastic! We talked to a lot of people and got to teach many cool people as well! I feel so blessed to get to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with all of Gods children! HIS CHURCH IS ON THE EARTH TODAY! I just want to scream it from all the roof tops cause it's truly what matters in this life!!!

I really hope everyone had a good conference, and I am sure we were all praying together as our prophet spoke to us. What an incredible man who has truly devoted his life to the Lord. I am grateful for all the leaders in our church. One of my favorite quotes was by Elder Hales, "reach up, not out." We need to all depend on the Lord. That is where our confidence comes from. That is where we can "be healed, and it will stay healed." I've recognized on my mission the healing power of the Atonement, and how it has truly changed my life. I'm grateful for the Savior and His gospel. I'm grateful for a loving Father in Heaven who sent his Only Begotten so that we could return home.
 We thought it'd be a nice effect to take a pic in the fog

 #tbt Tara's baptism!!:) I felt like I was doing make up for a wedding.

A baptism is just as important though:)