Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Ohio, adieu.

I have so much anxiety writing this right now haha. I can't believe this is my last email home. Where did time go? I swear I just got here. Words cannot even explain how I am feeling right now.

This week has been fun!:) it was spring break so it was pretty dead... But there were a few people to contact so that was nice:) on Saint party's day I ate a bunch of treats my mama sent me haha:) delicious! So yeah pretty much that was my week! People weren't really able to meet. Last night we had a major creeper who followed us unto the bus. It was quite the adventure. But anyway this is my last email home so there is more I must talk about:)

I love being a missionary with all my heart and soul. Were the last 18 months the hardest of my life? Yes. It's hard to overcome the natural man. On days I was so sick, or dead tired, I would still go out and work. And I often ask myself why? What motivated me to do so? And truly it's the Atonement. How grateful we are for the knowledge we have of this gift! That we know how to open it up to us and use it. But sadly, many of our brothers and sisters know not how to use this gift or where to find it. Every person on this earth needs the Atonement of Jesus Christ. It's comfort, it's peace, it's the way home. Heavenly Father wants His children home more than anything. And I got to play a role in that! I am so so grateful! I love Ohio. I love the people here. It will always have a place in my heart. I've learned so much here about me, and who God wants me to be. Something I've learned is that I love the places most where I struggled the most. Where I learned the most. And Ohio definitely has that award haha. I love being a missionary.

I know Jesus the Christ lives. He is everything. He lifts us when we are down, He cries when we cry, he rejoices with us when we rejoice. I love Him. He is my best friend. I love my Father in Heaven. I'm so so grateful for these 18 months he has given me to be molded into who He wants me to be, into who He sees I can become. Everyone here has taught me something. Every door that's been slammed has taught me much, every tear that has been shed has taught me more. I'm grateful for all the hearts here that have touched mine. I'm changed forever.

I DON'T WANNA GO!! Haha but I know my time is done:) thank you all so so much for your love and support while I've been serving the Lord. I felt every prayer and appreciated all the notes and love!!:) I LOVE YOU!! See you Friday!
 Mine and Elder Segles death picture. #RIP

 Brutus wore green for St. Patty's day too!:)

 I'm "LUCKY" to have this girl as a companion:) haha:)

 Sister Ogeltree came back to visit!!:)

 And then we went to lunch with her and Gretchen!!:)ahh! So Good! Thank you Gretchen for taking us!:)

 I seriously love Gretchen!

 We also got Graeters ice cream (Ohio Speciality)

 Found this beauty walking down 12th Ave, haha

 Farewell OHIO, it's been real.  And you will be missed. Sister Slater out!

Monday, March 14, 2016


Temple Tuesday was a hit!:) I love the temple so so much! I never thought I'd crave it.. But I do!! I find so much peace there. And this temple trip was my last as a missionary so it was very special to me. I received a lot of revelation, and God comforted me. I am so blessed and happy!

This week I got to go on lots of exchanges! I got to go with the sisters here on campus and also I got to go to NEWARK!! My home!! I love it there! We taught Tara and she is so cute and pregnant oh man I love it. It was weird cause it felt like I never left. I was with sister Bradford and we go home together.. So we had a yolo moment and went to Texas Roadhouse to eat. Holla! Haha it was much needed! Those rolls heal the soul. I loved seeing so many people there whom I've grown to love. Such a tender mercy.

So for exchanges president has given the OSU sisters a car so we could drive to Newark. It's a jeep and I'm in love. But anyway. The elders needed it for a special purpose so they asked if we could go back to the apartment pick it up and drive it to the institute. We were like sure! But they key was in the other sisters apartment! (We live in the same building). They were unable to get the jeep and were unable to give us the key to their apartment so they told us how they left the window open now their bedroom. Ok.. Sounds easy enough just climb through the window and get the car key.. But FALSE! They live on the second story haha. Good thing sister Heath is a cheerleader is did a one man stunt and boosted me up! I opened the window and crawled in. Team work makes the dream work. Meanwhile this guy watched the whole thing. We assured him we were just getting into our locked apartment haha. It was such an adventure. The zone leaders told us we are life savers.. They have no idea.

On the bus to the apartment we met a guy from Utah who grew up polygamist but got away from it and moved to Ohio. I had a bun in, so he thought we were polygamist too. It's always when I have a bun in!!! Ah!!! Anyway. He was interested in learning more so that was a cool experience.

Well.. This is my last full week as a representative of Jesus Christ. I am freaking out but ready to take on the week!! I love being a missionary!!

Everyone needs to check out the new video on #hallelujah!! I love the videos the church comes out with to celebrate the birth and resurrection of our Savior. He truly does live, and through Him we can live again. In this life, and the next.
 Temple with my companion:) plus the photo bomb

 Temple with the zone:)

 Tara's son Anders! Love him!!!:)

 In front of the window we snuck through #win

The window itself haha it's a lot higher than it looks!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Hellllooooo from the Great Ohio!! I hit s big mark this week.. 18 months. 18 months!!! What the heck??? Since when have I been a missionary for 18 months!? Ahhh!!! I had a freak out moment and had to get ice cream. My sweet companion even bought it so we could celebrate! I love her! I have seen many many tender mercies from the Lord this week which is showing me how aware He is of me.

Monday we went to Easton! My fav place! Went to Tiffanys of course lol. It was nice:) and I got to make a wish in a fountain! (Pictures below) and we went to Costco and got some delicious hot dogs mmmm! I've missed Costco! Thank you Springers!:) and at Costco we saw cute sister Bergstrom from the Newark Ward! #tendermercy. I gave her a big hug! I love her!:) she told me how she misses me in Nerk:)

Did a lot of contacting this week and contacted a young professor. He had a lot of questions about the BOM and it just blew my mind how many of them I was able ro answer. My knowledge has grown so much these past 18 months. Sometimes when I am talking I cannot believe it is even my words. I am grateful the spirit brings to my remembrance the things I need to speak right when I need it! So blessed!:)

At stake conference Ken came and sat by us which was a tender mercy! He is receiving the Melchizedek priesthood next week! So proud of him! He is so stoked! At Stake conference they asked people to come and bear their testimony. Ken was called up, with no notice. He shared his conversion story and testimony of the restored gospel. #tendermercy it was exactly what I needed. I of course cried! I just love the experiences you have as a missionary! The people you get to help come unto Christ! They change you!

I had a few other experiences this week which shows to me how aware Father is. I know He knows us by name. He knows our likes, and our dislikes, and he wants us to have joy. That is why we are here, to have joy. Through my mission I have had a taste of the joy He wants me to have. And I know as I am obedient and do what He asks, I will one day receive a fullness of that joy!
 Wish making action shots:)

 Cold Stone to celebrate 18 months!!:) Wahoo!:)

18 months where I have learned and grown more than I ever thought possible. I am, eternally grateful.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Faith is Action (sent by Ali on February 29th)

I remember last year when it was close to spring break and everyone was too busy to learn.. Well it's happening once again this year!! Haha we contact so much and not many are interested right now:( dang you agency!! The work goes on!!:) and I love it!! :)

We had zone conference this week and we were able to report on the goals we set! Sister Heath and I achieved most our goals but two! Which is okay! It was amazing to see the Lords hand I'm helping us achieve all the goals we did achieve. Father is just so merciful, and so aware of our wants and desires. If we put forth the work, and show Him we want it He will make it possible for us to achieve our goals. The ticket is putting in our part:) we must do work! Faith without works is dead!

At zone conference we began to sing the closing hymn when President stopped it and said no let's sing the mission song. We sang it every transfer meeting. He winked at me and we sang. And I sobbed. I knew it was going to be one of the last times I sang the song. All of us sisters just wrapped our arms around each other. I couldn't sing though. I was crying way too hard. Oh man, this whole going home thing is way too surreal. It's not fun. Not a fan. But the Lord is helping me!!:)

So yeah lots of contacting and things this week. But! On my run this morning I was in the zone. When I ran past a woman in a wheelchair. I said hello and my body just stopped. The spirit knew I needed to speak with her. She said hello back and I expected to ask for money. But she didn't! She told me her name was Katie and she asked if I could pray with her. I didn't have my name tag on (I forgot it) so it was so interesting that's what she asked. I told her we were missionaries, and we would love to pray. Sister Heath caught up to me and we said a prayer for Katie. I felt Gods love for her so strong. He truly is aware of all of His children.

We got to go to the temple with a recent convert this week for his first time doing baptisms. I hadn't been to the temple in forever so I was excited. The spirit was so strong in the baptistery that I cried. I'm grateful for the restored gospel, and I'm grateful for temples.

I can't believe February is over ahhhh! I love you all so much! Ps sorry in advance for taking like no pics this week, next week will be better!
 We were impressed with our crossed eye skills

This was a few weeks ago but it was really snowy

Monday, February 22, 2016

Déjà vu.

I feel like I've been having some major déjà vu this week. This time last year we had an urgency and accountability activity for a zone conference. I was serving in campus and it was the coldest time of the year. Fast forward to 2016. Serving on campus, and doing an urgency and accountability activity for zone conference, haha. So weird!! Except this year it was like in the 50's and 60's so I can't complain:) it's been warm!! I love it'd students be laying outside in the hammocks and I'm always just want to ask if I can join haha.

We have been out working hard and meeting a lot of cool people!! A lot aren't interested... But it's still fun haha:) campus is so fast pace! Everyone is hustling to class and there are soooo many students. Like 60,000 or something like that. And they are all crazy party kids haha. There is this bar called midway and kids were there all day Saturday! They were so wasted, just mocking us. I was literally living Lehi's dream. Some things I've come to learn on campus: hold to the rod and sober fun is the most fun #GoMormons.

Really though it's been just another week on the mission. I love it. Everyone keeps telling me how soon I come home.. But it just doesn't feel real. Like I've always been a missionary!! I never leave! That's how it feels at least.. And I'm okay with it haha:) I'm so grateful for all the prayers you send my way!! They are definitely felt. I know it's through faith and the Savior that I'm still able to work diligently everyday. I love you all!
 Panda time. This fortune explains the goals I've been setting lately...haha!

 My cute companion :)

 The district!

Comp study life.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I got to celebrate quite a few holidays this week!!:) it was super fun!! Oh, and super cold.

We contacted a lot. My fit bit told me I walked over 20,000 steps ins one day! Gotta love campus life:) we taught a few people, one being Sakura! The cutest little thing from Japan! She loved our message and came to church! She brought her Book of Mormon and pretty much looked like a member already:) we are excited for her! We are extending baptism for March!:) we also taught Brittany! For her first lesson we taught the Plan of Salvation and when we were done we asked if she had questions and she just said "I wanna learn more." It's amazing when I see the spirit help others remember things they've been taught before. We were taught everything before this life, and I love when simple truths come back to remembrance.

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! The heat of the monkey!! Haha we had an activity and Elder Yeh (from Taiwan) taught us how to make home made dumplings! Mmmm! We made like a hundred for the activity, it was really fun!:) I've been really into oriental stuff lately! It's just so good! And it's way more fun to eat with chopsticks than with a fork! We also helped Sister Springer frost cupcakes for institute classes:) we did swirls on top and a few turned out.. But most ended up hideous haha. It was fun though:) they still tasted good!!:)

So for my second year on campus for Valentine's Day (we celebrated Friday) Gretchen took us to Raising Canes again:) the chicken strip place!! Man, I love that place:) it was a fun date:) then it turned into a blizzard outside so that wasn't as fun! But we stuffed ourselves so that kept us sorta warm? Haha then my mom sent me candy and stuff so I ate all that plus a bunch of cookies handed out in relief society. I made myself sick! But hey! It's all good! Haha a random creepy dude gave Sister Heath and I flowers so that was nice.

I love Valentine's Day! In my family it's a day to show love to each other!!:) so shout out to my amazing parents and my sissy! I love you both so much! And another shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Slater for being married 25 years!!!:) Happy SILVER Anniversary!!:) I'm thankful for all of you as well!

"For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." -John 3:16

I'm grateful for my Father in heaven who loves us so much he gave his only begotten son. His and the Sons love is the strongest we can ever feel. And he showed us that love in a way no one has ever done before. Happy Valentine's Day! I love you ❤️
 Making dumplings!!:)

 Frosting cupcakes!!:)

 Happy Chinese New Year:) love the OSU district! #weawkward

 #datenight thanks Gretchen!!:)

 And of course the classic photo booth :)

Love TO SERVE! (I love Sister Heath!:)

Monday, February 8, 2016

Hello OSU.

Well hello there, from OSU CAMPUS! Holla!! I'm back!!! Haha. It's crazy to be back. It took a minute to get back into the habit of contacting college students but it was all good:) I'm getting used to it now!

I had to say goodbye to one of my best friends:( Sister Meyers!!! I miss you!! I'm so grateful for her example to me! My new companion is sister Heath.. I awkwardly didn't get a pic with her yet.. Haha but next week for sure!! Anyway not much to report on considering it's only been a few days. But I love you all!:)
 Goodbye Sister Meyers!!

 I'm doing a heart...Because I LOVE the Buckeyes :)

Just kidding I did take a pic! Sister Heath is in the middle:)