Monday, March 7, 2016

Faith is Action (sent by Ali on February 29th)

I remember last year when it was close to spring break and everyone was too busy to learn.. Well it's happening once again this year!! Haha we contact so much and not many are interested right now:( dang you agency!! The work goes on!!:) and I love it!! :)

We had zone conference this week and we were able to report on the goals we set! Sister Heath and I achieved most our goals but two! Which is okay! It was amazing to see the Lords hand I'm helping us achieve all the goals we did achieve. Father is just so merciful, and so aware of our wants and desires. If we put forth the work, and show Him we want it He will make it possible for us to achieve our goals. The ticket is putting in our part:) we must do work! Faith without works is dead!

At zone conference we began to sing the closing hymn when President stopped it and said no let's sing the mission song. We sang it every transfer meeting. He winked at me and we sang. And I sobbed. I knew it was going to be one of the last times I sang the song. All of us sisters just wrapped our arms around each other. I couldn't sing though. I was crying way too hard. Oh man, this whole going home thing is way too surreal. It's not fun. Not a fan. But the Lord is helping me!!:)

So yeah lots of contacting and things this week. But! On my run this morning I was in the zone. When I ran past a woman in a wheelchair. I said hello and my body just stopped. The spirit knew I needed to speak with her. She said hello back and I expected to ask for money. But she didn't! She told me her name was Katie and she asked if I could pray with her. I didn't have my name tag on (I forgot it) so it was so interesting that's what she asked. I told her we were missionaries, and we would love to pray. Sister Heath caught up to me and we said a prayer for Katie. I felt Gods love for her so strong. He truly is aware of all of His children.

We got to go to the temple with a recent convert this week for his first time doing baptisms. I hadn't been to the temple in forever so I was excited. The spirit was so strong in the baptistery that I cried. I'm grateful for the restored gospel, and I'm grateful for temples.

I can't believe February is over ahhhh! I love you all so much! Ps sorry in advance for taking like no pics this week, next week will be better!
 We were impressed with our crossed eye skills

This was a few weeks ago but it was really snowy

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