Monday, March 14, 2016


Temple Tuesday was a hit!:) I love the temple so so much! I never thought I'd crave it.. But I do!! I find so much peace there. And this temple trip was my last as a missionary so it was very special to me. I received a lot of revelation, and God comforted me. I am so blessed and happy!

This week I got to go on lots of exchanges! I got to go with the sisters here on campus and also I got to go to NEWARK!! My home!! I love it there! We taught Tara and she is so cute and pregnant oh man I love it. It was weird cause it felt like I never left. I was with sister Bradford and we go home together.. So we had a yolo moment and went to Texas Roadhouse to eat. Holla! Haha it was much needed! Those rolls heal the soul. I loved seeing so many people there whom I've grown to love. Such a tender mercy.

So for exchanges president has given the OSU sisters a car so we could drive to Newark. It's a jeep and I'm in love. But anyway. The elders needed it for a special purpose so they asked if we could go back to the apartment pick it up and drive it to the institute. We were like sure! But they key was in the other sisters apartment! (We live in the same building). They were unable to get the jeep and were unable to give us the key to their apartment so they told us how they left the window open now their bedroom. Ok.. Sounds easy enough just climb through the window and get the car key.. But FALSE! They live on the second story haha. Good thing sister Heath is a cheerleader is did a one man stunt and boosted me up! I opened the window and crawled in. Team work makes the dream work. Meanwhile this guy watched the whole thing. We assured him we were just getting into our locked apartment haha. It was such an adventure. The zone leaders told us we are life savers.. They have no idea.

On the bus to the apartment we met a guy from Utah who grew up polygamist but got away from it and moved to Ohio. I had a bun in, so he thought we were polygamist too. It's always when I have a bun in!!! Ah!!! Anyway. He was interested in learning more so that was a cool experience.

Well.. This is my last full week as a representative of Jesus Christ. I am freaking out but ready to take on the week!! I love being a missionary!!

Everyone needs to check out the new video on #hallelujah!! I love the videos the church comes out with to celebrate the birth and resurrection of our Savior. He truly does live, and through Him we can live again. In this life, and the next.
 Temple with my companion:) plus the photo bomb

 Temple with the zone:)

 Tara's son Anders! Love him!!!:)

 In front of the window we snuck through #win

The window itself haha it's a lot higher than it looks!

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