Monday, August 31, 2015

I don't know bout you, but I'm feelin 20!!!:)

Hope you all had a great week this week! I sure did!!:) This week I officially became an adult.. Ew. So weird! Haha I can't believe I'm 20! My 19th birthday felt like it was yesterday! And I was freakin out because I was about to leave on my mission. As I reflect on this past year I see a big change in me. I've definitely grown up a lot. I feel like I even look different! The Lord is molding me into who he wants me to be. This past year has been the hardest in my life, but also the most rewarding. This past year I've never cried so much, but have never felt the Savior so near. This past year I've gown in ways I didn't even know possible, I've been stretched, but have never felt so loved. This last year I've come to know my Father and my Brother.

We had a leadership training this week and President talked about our callings as missionaries, and how they are a apostolic calling. Isn't that cool? The apostles calling is to spread the gospel all over the world, and since they can't do that 24/7 they call full time missionaries to do it. Ah! It was the coolest thing ever. Everyday I realize more and more the importance and significance of my calling.

This week we saw many miracles! We found 12 new investigators! 12! Wahoo!!:) The lord is for sure watching over us here in Newark! He is leading us to His children whom are prepared:) All your faith and prayers for sure helped too:) Such a miracle!:) man, Heavenly Father is so good to us:) I think of Mosiah 2:22 "and behold all that he requires of you is to keep his commandments; and he has promised you that if ye would keep his commandments ye should prosper in the land; and he never doth vary from that which he hath said; therefore, if ye do keep his commandments he doth bless you and prosper you." I know that as I am being exactly obedient the Lord is helping sister Barton and I "prosper in the land". I feel so blessed!:)

A huge birthday shout out to my cute cousin Sadie:) love you! And I wanted to thank you all who helped make my birthday so special:) all the videos and emails were just so sweet and you all have no idea how much it meant to me!!:) I am so lucky to have such amazing family snd friends!:) love you!!:)
 We were talking to some guy who told us he had a sword, so we asked to see it. He really did haha!!

 My birthday morning!!:)

 Birthday photo booth of course:) just call my mama Martha Stewart:) 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Lord Provides!!

Hello!!! A crazy week it has been! As always:) But, really transfers always switch things up. Sister Mecham left me and that was sad!!! But change is always good, and it was her time to go home, but I miss her so much already! It's crazy on missions how you are put with someone to live with whom you've never met, and you find best friends. I can't even express the gratitude I have for my mission. The people I am gaining relationships with are changing my life.

My new companions name is Sister Barton. She is from Veral, Utah and she is 24! She is so cute! We have a lot of fun quoting movies. She is like a girl version Robin Williams she can sound like anyone in any movie!! Her and I are seeing many miracles here in Newark!!:) So yeah, not much has happened except a new companion, and we are finding like crazy! We have met a lot of cool people so we will see.:)

On Sunday a girl came up to us and was like hi I'm Kara! Apparently she was taught in Boston, and wants to be baptized, um ok? Haha my life! She has been taught almost everything! The Lord blesses us so much!!:) Sister Barton and I are excited I will tell you more about her when I get to know her better:) 

Well I hope you all have a swell week! Love you!:)
 Goodbye sister Mecham!!:(

 Tara and I have fake smiles haha we were depressed...

Sister Barton!! Isn't she beautiful?:) 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

We stood all amazed

This letter home is a sad one.. It's the week we say farewell to my other half.. Haha:) gotta love companions:) I still can't believe Sister Mecham is going home though!! It made for a good week though:) well a week and a half I guess! 

Last p-day we went to this garden place as a district. It was all Japanese themed so we felt very peaceful and meditated a lot. We for sure need that now a days haha! This week did have a few rough days though. We don't know what it was! But Sister Mecham and I were just dragging our feet going through the motions. We did not want to be this way, and we prayed a lot. The experience really humbled us! But we didn't know what would help us. Luckily there was something that helped us immensely:) and that was being spoke to by Elder Cook! He came and spoke to us! It was AMAZING!!   He is the cutest. 

It's cool cause President and Sister Daines told us with our faith and working hard that we could change what Elder Cook and Elder Hallstrom spoke to us about. When they got there they told us that they just decided a few minutes before the meeting that they were going to ask us questions that they could answer! It was so amazing and so inspired. Sister Mecham and I knew we needed to be humbled for this meeting, so the spirit could speak to us more. Elder Cook told us how precious we are to the leadership of the church, and the Lord. It helped me remember why I am here. Even though it is soo hard! It's worth it:) I love what Elder Halstrom of the seventy told us though. He said don't endure your mission! Don't change for the next 18 months then go home and be the same, change forever. The Lord wants you to change forever. Those words really struck me. These habits I have formed, I must keep with me through the rest of my life! Missions are incredible.

I really cannot describe all that was felt, and heard at this meeting but the end was my favorite. Elder Cook gave us his Apostolic promise. He told us that what we are doing now will bless all those we love, our families, friends, our future spouse and future children. He told us that as we continue to use the power the Lord has given us we will achieve all we want to do and all the Lord wants us to do. During the closing song we were all sobbing. But the end was the best part, as Elder Cook left we all stood and it was dead silent. When he was gone it continued to be still, every missionary in the mission "Stood All Amazed". None of us could speak. The Lords church is truly on the earth today, with apostles and prophets. I could never deny that, especially after that experience. 

This letter is all over the place haha but I'm just so excited about this week and what I've learned! But here is a classic missionary story:) our investigator sees us on the way to church and she's all hold on I'm driving to McDonald's to grab me a coffee then I'll be at church!! Oh my.. Haha. So she gets to church and didn't have time to drink it, so while I'm partaking of the sacrament I just get this Whiff on coffee hahahaha then her phone goes off and she yells oh crap!! Man, I love these experiences:) needless to say she texted us and told her it's not gonna work out Haha:) she just loves her coffee too much:)

I love being a missionary, I would not change it for the world. Seeing Sister Mecham preparing to go home is hard, she is torn apart! Ohio has our hearts! And Newark does especially:) I am grateful I have had the opportunity to serve with her. Thank you for all your support and prayers:) I love you! 
 Meditation at its finest!


 Our cute district:) District fun day!!

 Face timing these cute sisters:) Me in the lower corner crying because Sister Mecham is leaving me!

After Elder Cook, it was amazing!

Monday, August 10, 2015

He hears us.

I thought I would dedicate my weekly this week to one of the newest members of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints; Tara Bomsta.:) Now, every convert into the church is a miracle, but I would like to share Tara's story with you all, to show how God answers prayers, and works in mysterious ways.

Tara grew up Pentecostal. She had really strict rules growing up, which is a huge blessing because she grew up following every commandment we follow and more! Her faith was strong, but when she would go to church she was always so confused about the doctrine, especially with the trinity. She would pray and ask Heavenly Father to send someone to her who could show her the truth. Fast forward, and she was introduced to Brandon Bomsta, a member of the church and also her future husband.:) They studied the gospel together, and everything just clicked. She understood it now! She took the missionary lessons and wanted to be baptized. But since life happens and things happen in didn't work out right then. Fast forward again to 2015.

Sister Mecham and I came into Newark! We saw a lot of potential here, but we didn't have many people to teach. We wanted to find "kingdom builders" to help strengthen the ward. We were working so to find people to teach. We were praying all day everyday!! In a meeting we both received revelation we needed to go to area 5 and area 3, and that's where we would find a kingdom builder, and someone who is prepared. Our areas are split up into smaller areas. There are five total. It was cool we both received that revelation!! So we went tracting like crazy in those areas and no luck. So for the July fast Sunday we both fasted that we would be led to someone seeking the truth, we didn't even talk about what we'd fast for so it was obviously the spirit who told us to! Then that very Sunday Tara was there! We straight up thought she was a member already until we were told she wasn't! We quickly set up a return appointment. And guess what?? She lives in area 5!! How crazy!! God is good.

When we met with Tara she told us she wanted to be baptized and she has been taught everything. We were in shock. How could someone be more prepared? We later found out she had already asked her brother in law to baptize her even before she talked with us.The more we have gotten to know Tara the more we have learned her side of the story. She told us how she had feelings she needed to go back to a church about a month before we met with her. She went to a baptist church and while there realized her family needed to be apart of our church. She kept having dreams of the world ending and how her family needed the gospel for this time. So, she told Brandon and they decided to come to church that first week in July. While Sister Mecham and I were praying to be led to those prepared, Tara was receiving those promptings from the spirit to go to church! Such a miracle.

Tara's baptism this week was beautiful. She was so excited, and in her testimony she talked of how God answered her prayer, and he always will. In her blessing when she was confirmed it also mentioned of how her prayer was finally answered, and that she is a chosen daughter of God. What a blessing missionary work is, that I get to see the Lords hand working miracles. He truly does answer prayers. He answered ours, and Tara's and because of that we were led together to help bring her back to her Heavenly Father. The church is true, and God loves us all.
 We took a yolo trip to Olive Garden for lunch. No regrets.

Tara!! She looked beautiful:)

Us with the Bomsta family:) such a miracle!! Isn't she beaming?:)

 Elder Anders Bomsta. future missionary. He's the cutest!!

Monday, August 3, 2015

A week of revelation!!

Hola Family and friends! Ohio is fabulous as usual:) Ahhh this was a week of many events! Tuesday we had MLC. IT WAS AMAZING!! The end was my favorite part though. I was pondering all week on how I can be a more diligent missionary, and a better leader. During the testimonies at the end the Spirit was so strong. The missionaries going home (including my companion) bore strong testimony of the Savior. During this time the Spirit told me I need to study the Atonement. So the next morning that's what I did, and oh my goodness has it already made a difference. The Atonement should be my motive for everything. I love the Savior, and he loves me, and everyone! Everyone I talk to needs to know this message! Everyone needs the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Without it, we would have no purpose in this life. I am so grateful that I everyday get to learn more of my Savior and grow closer to Him:)

Exchanges this week, Sister Mecham and I both went to Cambridge with Sister Wolffe and Currier! It was like a huge slumber party haha:) the exchange was good! I am learning a lot how to be a good leader and help the Sisters under my stewardship:) as I am doing this I am also leaning more about how I can be a better missionary! It's really cool:) 

I received more revelation this week on how to help Newark flourish, and that's an area book fast. So pretty much what this is is that we will not see any potential investigators or former's. We will purely be tracting! All week! Ahh! It'll be a humbling experience needless to say haha. But Sister Mecham and I feel really good about it:) so wish us luck!:)

So this Sunday was fast Sunday right? So Sister Mecham and I decided to do it lunch to lunch! So for lunch on Saturday we went to Bob Evans and got these huge omelettes and hash browns and pancakes:) thanks Grandma and Grandpa Slater for the extra cash to get food! It wasn't wasted:) we ate the whole thing... We were so full! But we were fasting after right? It's like hibernation! Haha it's just so funny cause we literally were not hungry at all, not even when we finally got to eat Sunday afternoon. So moral of the story, stuff your face before you fast:) Tara fasted too!:) she had her baptismal interview and she is good to be baptized Saturday!! She is sooo excited! I feel so blessed to be apart of this experience! I love you all and appreciate all the prayers!! Love you:)

 Flynn Ryder?


 RIP Sister Mecham. She is pretty much dead. In three weeks. Can't believe she is going home!