Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Lord Provides!!

Hello!!! A crazy week it has been! As always:) But, really transfers always switch things up. Sister Mecham left me and that was sad!!! But change is always good, and it was her time to go home, but I miss her so much already! It's crazy on missions how you are put with someone to live with whom you've never met, and you find best friends. I can't even express the gratitude I have for my mission. The people I am gaining relationships with are changing my life.

My new companions name is Sister Barton. She is from Veral, Utah and she is 24! She is so cute! We have a lot of fun quoting movies. She is like a girl version Robin Williams she can sound like anyone in any movie!! Her and I are seeing many miracles here in Newark!!:) So yeah, not much has happened except a new companion, and we are finding like crazy! We have met a lot of cool people so we will see.:)

On Sunday a girl came up to us and was like hi I'm Kara! Apparently she was taught in Boston, and wants to be baptized, um ok? Haha my life! She has been taught almost everything! The Lord blesses us so much!!:) Sister Barton and I are excited I will tell you more about her when I get to know her better:) 

Well I hope you all have a swell week! Love you!:)
 Goodbye sister Mecham!!:(

 Tara and I have fake smiles haha we were depressed...

Sister Barton!! Isn't she beautiful?:) 

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