Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Hellllooooo from the Great Ohio!! I hit s big mark this week.. 18 months. 18 months!!! What the heck??? Since when have I been a missionary for 18 months!? Ahhh!!! I had a freak out moment and had to get ice cream. My sweet companion even bought it so we could celebrate! I love her! I have seen many many tender mercies from the Lord this week which is showing me how aware He is of me.

Monday we went to Easton! My fav place! Went to Tiffanys of course lol. It was nice:) and I got to make a wish in a fountain! (Pictures below) and we went to Costco and got some delicious hot dogs mmmm! I've missed Costco! Thank you Springers!:) and at Costco we saw cute sister Bergstrom from the Newark Ward! #tendermercy. I gave her a big hug! I love her!:) she told me how she misses me in Nerk:)

Did a lot of contacting this week and contacted a young professor. He had a lot of questions about the BOM and it just blew my mind how many of them I was able ro answer. My knowledge has grown so much these past 18 months. Sometimes when I am talking I cannot believe it is even my words. I am grateful the spirit brings to my remembrance the things I need to speak right when I need it! So blessed!:)

At stake conference Ken came and sat by us which was a tender mercy! He is receiving the Melchizedek priesthood next week! So proud of him! He is so stoked! At Stake conference they asked people to come and bear their testimony. Ken was called up, with no notice. He shared his conversion story and testimony of the restored gospel. #tendermercy it was exactly what I needed. I of course cried! I just love the experiences you have as a missionary! The people you get to help come unto Christ! They change you!

I had a few other experiences this week which shows to me how aware Father is. I know He knows us by name. He knows our likes, and our dislikes, and he wants us to have joy. That is why we are here, to have joy. Through my mission I have had a taste of the joy He wants me to have. And I know as I am obedient and do what He asks, I will one day receive a fullness of that joy!
 Wish making action shots:)

 Cold Stone to celebrate 18 months!!:) Wahoo!:)

18 months where I have learned and grown more than I ever thought possible. I am, eternally grateful.

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