Thursday, October 29, 2015

White walls colored cream.

Haha, well this week is different than any week I have had here in Ohio!:) Sister Barton and I went to district activity on Monday. We were taking a nice walk when BAM! Sister Barton hit her knee on the corner of a bench. It was a sharp one! Ouch! That night it swelled up like a balloon and she could hardly walk. We went in for the night. The next day it was worse. We called Sister Daines and she told her to rest her knee. We were stuck inside ahhhh. She had Kimber come and bring us some crutches and with the crutches she brought a giant bag of skinny pop!! She knows it's my favorite!! Thanks Sister Daines!  It kept me sane.:)

She couldn't walk pretty much all week. We went to scheduled appointments but would come back after. SO MANY WHITE WALLS!! Haha! The doctor couldn't get her in until Thursday. It was a long few days. We went stir crazy a few times. I got up and just started dancing everywhere, haha and singing. You know me!:) It was a good time, haha! On the bright side I got a chance to read a few hundred pages of Jesus the Christ this week. That book though. It's the most amazing book, next to the Book of Mormon.:) I'm learning so much about our Lord. My mind is being blown everyday, and my testimony is growing so much.

Heavenly Father truly blesses us. Even though we didn't get out much this week, when we looked at our numbers for the week last night they were pretty good! Heavenly Father still helped us get work done. He is so merciful. Sitting inside this week helped me realize how much I love the work. How much I love what I do everyday. There is no greater joy than this work. I love you!!
 Giant skinny pop bag:)!!!! Feat. The white walls I stared at all week!!

This car was winking at me.. So I winked back:)

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