Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy Halloween!:)

The Lord is so good. That's all I have to say.:) This week was a good one. Worked hard, played hard. While being obedient of course haha!:) Sister Barton's knee is sort of healing so we were able to work a lot more this week!! We taught many lessons. Very spiritual lessons. Sometimes when I am bearing my testimony I cannot believe the power that is in the words that's I speak. It blows my mind how much the spirit has taught me and the power the Lord has given me. After all, it's the spirit that does the converting. Not me!:)

Had interviews with President and Sister Daines which is always so fun!! I love getting to talk with them one on one. They truly are chosen servants. Every time I talk with them I can feel the love they have for me. I feel so blessed! They pulled sister Barton and I in and told us an incredible story of when they were at the Kirtland temple. The spirit was so strong. Ah! I love being a missionary!!:)

So here in Ohio they have "beggars night" which is never on Halloween but it's the night the kids go trick or treating. So pretty much no one celebrated Halloween on Halloween, haha! But on beggars night I was on exchanges and we passed out candy with a member and he had a fire and we had s'mores and stuff so that was really fun!  It made the holiday different.:) But, on Halloween I dressed up as Ariel, haha! It was pretty sweet.:) This week we also had a mission movie night. A lot of our investigators came and we watched the 5000 day project! It was fabulous I loved it:) I cried a little. Everyone should watch it! Haha. Kara brought her friends and in the movie it showed BYU and now she like wants to go there. So funny, go Cougars!!:)

I'm so grateful to be here in the great Ohio. I love this place even if they do things kinda weird, haha! Just a different culture.:) My mom sent me lots of pics of my cousins in their Halloween costumes and everyone looked adorable!! I love you.
A giant leaf plus sister Barton's photography skills. haha!

"We will labor with our might, in this great Ohio land" 

 #mermaiddancing only makes sense right? Haha!

 Halloween photo booth of course!! Keep calm and scary on:)

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