Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Busy like a bee.

This has been one busy week! It always makes the week go fast when it is! We had MLC Tuesday and zone meeting Wednesday where we have to do trainings! So that is always fun:) the joys of being a sister training leader! We had back to back exchanges as well so I didn't get to see sister Barton for two days. Needless to say, it was good to have her back after two days, haha!

On an exchange to Cambridge we went and had dinner at this members house and he made us steak! Straight from his cow he raised. Mmmm I've never had fresh steak like that before and I am converted for life. They also decorate their little town for Christmas and it's called Dickens Village. They have like a hundred mannequins just chillin on the side of the rode dressed up in Christmas clothes, haha!  Onn their huge court house they have a light show with all these Christmas songs it's a big deal, haha! It was fun to feel the Christmas spirit.:)

This week has just been filled with tons of fun missionary work,  it really is the best! We took Ken to the temple so he could see it and a member of the temple presidency talked to him about temples, I learned a lot!! The spirit was so strong, and Ken is so eager to be baptized on November 21! Ah! He loves the gospel. He talked about how all men and woman who are sealed hold that sealing power. When a child is born under the covenant they are being sealed to the parents therefore they hold the sealing power. Wait what?!?!??! I thought that was pretty cool.:)

There was this woman we talked to this week. She was so dark... There was like no light in her. She actually is a less active member. We testified to her Gods love and it was crazy because the Spirit came and we could physically see the light of Christ in her. We saw that light. The gospel is so real... Christ lives. His light is in all of us. She closed off after a minute and the darkness came back. It's a testimony to me that when we follow Christ we are different. We are disciples of Him and need to show that to everyone!

I love being a representative of my Savior. He has molded me and changed me as I have stood in his place, and have been His hand in bringing our brothers and sisters back home.

A birthday shout out to Ky Bug!! The big 19 woooo hooo!!!:)
Hey, we hit our 14 month.  Holla!

 The zone.

 Tracting swag.

 Ken plus the temple equals amazing! :)

Hey, I just met you and this is crazy!  Here's our book, get baptized maybe?!?!

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