Monday, October 19, 2015

Life of a missionary.

Really don't have to much to report on this week. Been working hard,finding Gods children to teach. Got antied by this guy who stood no chance haha. Seriously! It was a joke. He requested a Book of Mormon online. So we went to deliver it and he wanted it just so he could prove it wrong, he wanted to save members of our church, haha! I was like uh yeah, we are not shaken haha. Sometimes I just cannot even believe how bold I've become with people. The spirit truly fills my mouth. Words come out and I have no idea where they came from!

Everyone here has a nasty cold. I was telling Sister Barton how I haven't gotten sick in forever then a few days later I caught the cold haha of course! Haha but I keep working. The Lord helps me feeling
better during the work even if things are a little fuzzy! I blanked during a lesson. Thank goodness for companions:)

Well things are chilly here. I've started singing Christmas music naturally. Haha, Sister Barton wants to kill me but nothing can stop me!! I'm doing the best work In the whole world!!! I'm a representative of Jesus Christ!!:) AHHH!:) love you all!! Shout out to the beautiful Sadie Sue. Good job at Distinguished Young Women.  You have support here in Ohio:) love you!:)

Our companionship in a nut shell. Sorry for Only one pic this week!!

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