Tuesday, July 28, 2015

It's gonna take work!

This week felt like it was a month...and it also felt like it was two days. Haha I really can't explain it! It's really frustrating.. We set up a ton of lessons this week and all fell through! Except our lessons with Tara:) of course:) but really, it's hard to see all these people reject or not care about the gospel:( as a missionary you have to keep an eternal mind set or else it can get really spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically exhausting. But I love these hard times on the mission because this is when the Lord is refining me, and I am learning to depend more on Him:) 

We made homemade bread with Tara! She makes the BEST wheat bread. Grinds her own wheat and everything. I am converted, homemade bread for life. Which works perfectly because this member is moving and gave us her bread maker haha:) Sister Mecham and I had fun with that one:) we made "quick bread". The ingredients in it are pretty nasty so we didn't eat it all but we tried it and it worked!!! We were pretty pleased with ourselves:) future home makers right here:) oh, and she bought the cutest dress for her baptism! It's coming up! Eek!:)

Haha so we are teaching this girl Angela..well we were. She was walking down the street and waved at us so we went to talk to her. (The last time we went to talk with her she told is she couldn't cause she was too high. Nerk it.) anyway, she was all telling us how she has to tell us how she feels and Sister Mecham is all "Angela are you drunk?" She's was like yeah but I have to express myself while I'm drunk! She continued to tell us that the Book of Mormon does not testify of Jesus Christ. That she read some of it and it didn't talk about Christ. It was very interesting. She told us we were messed up and the whole time she was holding up two peace signs with her fingers. Haha oh Angela. We eventually just walked away, after she spit on Sister Mechams finger a little haha:) thank goodness for hand sanitizer. 

Got to go on exchanges with Sister Cale this week:) that was fun:) we talked books. It was a little bit of a trunky time haha. We talked about Katniss and Peeta, Lizzy and Darcy, Edward and Bella, it was a good time:) I love exchanges!!:) they are so fun! I get to know the sisters so well. Every sister is just so amazing and they all bring something to the work. I love it!:) 

Accomplishment of the week: I ran 2 miles. I have never done that in my life. Goal is to run a 5k before I go home. I will be accountable!!:) 

A HUGE BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUT TO MY MOST FAVORITE SISTER EVER! You're amazing sissy:) 23 and a missionary tag has never looked so good:) good thing you're heart is locked on the mission or those Omaha boys would be all over you:) haha love you Savannah!!

Thank you for all you guys do for me:) your love and prayers do not go unnoticed:) I love it here in Ohio. Right now in my life I would not want to be anywhere else:) love you!!

 Sister Cale and I thought this garage was pretty sick:) 

 Our little homemade bun in the oven:) mm bread!:)

 #duckface haha thanks Kaleb for the Disneyland surprise:)

 Haha, so I saw these swans in the pond of afar so I grabbed my iPad to take a pic of them. I was looking at them through the screen and Sister Mecham goes "they're fake." Haha I had no idea.. But I took a pic anyway:) I was so excited to see swans!! 

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