Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happy Birthday America!:)

What a busy week this has been!! Lots of exchanges, a holiday and its transfer week so that always makes it nuts. But hey, that's what mission life is!:) 

Went on an exchange to New Albany this week, and guess what?? It was with Sister Horsley! My mama. I love her!:) It was seriously so cool to work with her again. It's been too long.. Like 6 months too long haha!  But really, it felt like we were never not companions except it's cool cause now I actually know what I am doing.. Haha! Because lets be honest, no new missionary ever knows what they are doing!:) But, it was a really special experience. She goes home this week.. So crazy. Ahh! When she started training me she was 9 months out, and now I am a little more than that. Seriously, time flies. But we went over her goals for when she goes home, seriously the scariest thing. I never want to be a normal person!! Haha.

I also got to go on an exchange with another companion... Sister Currier! Ah! I love her:) It was like living that MTC all over again. We sang Disney music, and just talked about our missions. It was so fun!  And the best part...We were together to celebrate our 10 months! I cannot believe I have been a missionary for 10 months... Ew. Haha. But it was fun to celebrate it with Sister Currier:) she is such a sweetheart!

So a lot of people ask what missionaries do on the fourth.. And my answer: we do missionary work! Haha:) Here in Newark they celebrate on the 3rd...Don't ask why!?!? So we watched some fireworks on the third while getting ready for bed. But we did party a bit on the fourth. No one wanted to make appointments with us. But we did the photo booth, made treats to deliver to people, and just made the day fun! Lots of pictures will be inserted below.  A member made us home made Chipotle for dinner which was the best part! I had a hardcore food baby that's for sure.  It was for sure different than fourth of July's at home but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!:) 

So miracle of the week. We really wanted to be led to someone seeking the truth. We have been working so hard and tracting like crazy. So on Sunday Sister Mecham and I both fasted that we would be led to someone searching. So in church pops in a cute little family! What?? Their names are Brandon snd Tara. We made an appointment to see Tara, and when we went she told us she has been taught all the lessons and she wants to be baptized asap. Uh.. What? Inside I was freaking out Haha. We are going to re teach the lessons but she is on date for August 1!! Ahh!! So long story short, the Lord does answer prayers. I have been praying all transfer to find someone..and the Lord took time to answer my prayers. But he does answer. He loves us, and he is always there.

Yet again, another servant of God man passed away. Such a bitter sweet thing. President Packer, you will be missed. 

Thank you for all your prayers!! I love you all and hope you had a good day celebrating America:)

 Matchy matchy at MLC:) President loved it:) 

 I love my mission mama! I'm gonna miss her!!

 10 months! We did it!! Eek.. Only 8 to go. 

 What's a holiday on a mission without a photo booth?



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