Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Rain, rain, go away.

Hello family!! Ohio is rainy... That was my week. Rain. But it was still fun.:) Lots of exchanges this week,

On Monday Sister Mecham and I went to Easton!! Oh boy, it was much needed. We needed s stress reliever and the mall does just that.:) We did a lot of window shopping. But, I did end up buying myself a dress for after the mission haha the most trunky thing ever I know!! But, hey it was on sale! I couldn't pass it up.:) We also went to TIFFANYS!! The best place ever. It was a tender mercy, haha! Sister Mecham and I tried on lots of wedding rings...it was great! I felt right at home!  We ended the shopping adventure with California Pizza Kitchen. Girls day was a success!:)

Went on an exchange this week to the mound builders Ward with Sister King! She goes home in a week.. Haha it's fine. It's weird to think the mission actually ends. I wake up every morning thinking that this is my life now! Which is fine cause I looooove it.:) We worked hard in mound builders. It was fun.:) Talked a lot about the Atonement that day because it's EVERYTHING! Literally without the Atonement nothing else matters. So grateful for the Savior.

Had another exchange this week ( it was back to back I didn't see sister Mecham for 2 days!!) with Cambridge. They came to Nerk. They are a tri-panionship so 2 of them came with me! So there was 3 of us,PARTY! We did a lot of tracking in the rain. Still trying to find those the Lord has prepared. We know they are out there! We must sort the wheat from the tares.:) Unfortunately the two people we did find have fallen off of date:( but we are not giving up! Man, missionary work is an emotional roller coaster. But I love it!

Ended the week off by going to a musical fireside put on by the mission about America.  It was sooo good!:) Saw Sister Love for the last time ever:( she goes home next week! Life is so crazy. Anyway keep the sweet Ward of Newark in your prayers that we may find people to teach!
I am grateful for all the support. Love You!
 You can take the girl out of Tiffanys but you can't take Tiffanys out of the girl:)

 They say the corn here us supposed to be knee high by the Fourth of July.. Not this year. Haha.

 Sisters love and McDonald.. love these two sisters!

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