Monday, June 15, 2015

Empty nesters

So much craziness happened this week I do not think I can even explain it all in one email. But I will try.:)

            We had mini missionaries this week, yay! I butchered their names last week.. so if you are reading this please forgive me! Their names are Sister Lange and Sister Watabe. The cutest mini sister missionaries I have ever seen.:) Sister Mecham and I felt like we became parents! haha. We just had so much fun! It was cool cause we would plan two days of work in one day and we would be one on one with the girls. That way they were forced to talk! hehehehe:) But because of double the work we saw many mighty miracles. 

            So Scot...Scot jumped on and requested we call him. We typed his number in and his name was already in our phone! What the heck?? haha. He told us he is coming to church Sunday. We were shocked and were just like, ok! He came Sunday, we taught him Thursday, and he is on date to be baptized July 11. Simple enough!:) Haha. He is just prepared! He was taught about a year ago by missionaries and he wanted the church in his life, so we acted on his faith and requested we come see him. So cool! What's so crazy is the same day we called we had planned to see him, we just didn't make it. I tell ya, the Lord works in mysterious ways. 

            So now Susie. She is a referral from the Elders! We taught her Monday, we taught her Thursday, and she is on date for the 18th of July! Seriously, so many miracles this week. 

            Legit though, this week has been a party. The girls would stay up soooo late and eat bagels at like 11 o clock. haha! All 4 of us didn't get much sleep this week.:) We were at a meeting and randomly had a laughing attack. It was bad. haha! We couldn't stop laughing! In all honesty we were just delirious. Man, I learned so much from those 2 girls. It was one of the best weeks of my mission. They were in culture shock at first being in the ghetto, seeing drug deals, etc. But by the end they had as much Nerk spirit as Sister Mecham and I have.  haha! When they left we felt like we dropped one child off for their mission, and the other to college. It is way too quiet and empty in the apartment now.:( Now I know how my parents feel. haha! So sad.

            I think mostly pictures can explain this epic week. But I wanted to write about a topic that has been talked a lot about in the church lately, and that is the sacrament. It is so important! I have realized that on my mission. It is the only ordinance that we repeat for ourselves! And we get to do it every week. It is so sacred and special and I wish I would have taken it more seriously at home. I know that as we really ponder and think of Christ and his sacrifice during that sacred time our testimonies will grow and we will find more joy in our day to day lives. Lets give the sacrament back to the Savior.


 Love these girls!:) 

 The road kill gopher.. It was picture worthy haha. Nerk.

 Waxing for days:)

 Face masks!!! Spa nights are the best:)

 Face mask models haha:)

 Picking strawberries in the strawberry patch:) pretty sure I ate more than picked.. Haha it was way humid hence the hair.

 Biggest basket building In the world!! Holla.

 Last morning together:( it was so hard saying goodbye!!!

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