Monday, June 1, 2015



This is gonna be a short email about the events that happened from Wednesday to now. Are you ready?

So,  Wednesday Sister McDonald and I went grocery shopping and such. We were having a wonderful transfer P-Day. I am training! We knew we weren’t getting transferred. False. We get the call that we are being DOUBLED OUT!! Both of us were leaving! What?? We both got super dramatic and just wondered what we did to get doubled out! I wasn’t going to train anymore! SO SAD!! So we started packing. Man, I hate packing. We were both nervous about where we were gonna end up. We were both being so dramatic. Haha It was actually so funny!!J But we just packed up and got ready to leave OSU. It was harder than I thought it was gonna be.L Once a Buckeye,  Always a Buckeye.

So, we go to transfer meeting and I am sitting there like crying cause I don’t want to leave Sister M. All of the sudden I hear “Sister Love will be follow-up training Sister McDonald!” WHAT THE HECK? My worlds are colliding! Haha I was sooo happy though cause Sister Love and Sister McDonald love each other so I was happy Sister M. got a good comp. So, I am sitting there like ok...what’s gonna happen to me...that’s when Elder Froerer (the AP)) leans forward and says “are you ready?” And I was just like ready for what!? And he was like “we don’t separate trainers and trainees for nothing.”  Right then I got called to be a Sister Training Leader! Doubled into Newark with Sister Mecham! I had no idea! I was legit in shock. So, now I am an STL. It is the girl version of a Zone Leader. Its crazy!!

A great man passed away this weekend. Elder Perry, you will be missed. I am grateful for all the leaders of this church. 

Sorry this was so short! I will write more about Newark next week. I LOVE IT HERE THOUGH!!! Sister Meacham and I are being blessed with learning the area fast. OK LOVE YOU ALL!! 
 Last night on campus= sparklers. It says OCM!! (Ohio Columbus Mission) 

Another sparkler pic for the road!:) 

 Last night also equals some  Miranda Sings action. 

 Sister Mecham Ellen and I! Ellen was just baptized in the Newark ward:) I love her!:) 

Newark Strawberry festival. Reminded me of strawberry days. It was raining.. my eyes are shut haha:) 

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