Monday, June 8, 2015

Nerk, Aha

Hello my family and friends!:) I have had a fantastic week this week.

I know I know I promised I would tell you more about Newark Ohio. Or as people call it here Nerk, Aha. Haha! I seriously love it here so much. The people are so friendly. I am always entertained. I never know what I will see behind the door, haha it is seriously the best:) but really, this week had been nuts.

We have no washer or dryer here so we have to wash our clothes at this ghetto laundry mat. haha! We live on 21st street. Pretty much the sketchiest part of town, but we don't care.:) We love our neighbors even if they make our apartment smell like pot everyday! I had my first duties as a sister training leader this week! I got to attend MLC. Which is the missionary leadership council. All sister training leaders and zone leaders join together at the mission home and we receive a training from President and Sister Daines that we have to pass on to our zones! It's a big responsibility but it's really awesome! The meeting was from 8:45 in the morning to 5 at night. Ahhhh, it was long!! But want to know why it was so long?  Well, during the meeting President was like ok go downstairs and get your iPads. Can I just say it was like Christmas? We all ran down stairs as fast as we could. FINALLY IPADS!! It was the best thing ever. We were super excited. I realized that I forgot how to use technology.. haha, I struggled. But we got the iPads set up no worries. :) So, we had zone meeting the next day and I had to do my first training as a sister training leader! It went well. It was fun! Then after the meeting I went on my first exchange with sister Joseph. She is a cutie!:) I got to take her out on OSU to pass out a BOM her very first day. :) So, we have a deep connection. haha! It was fun though. I had to take over an area that I haven't learned yet! #missionlife haha

Nerk is seriously the best though. So many prepared people. I love it! Everyone is so humble. I feel like Sister Mecham and I are learned to fit in a little more. haha! We just have to get our ghetto on and we are good.:) This week has been so crazy though cause Saturday we got mini missionaries. It's really cool, here in Ohio the youth get set apart as a missionary and they spend the week with us! I wish I could've done something like that. We got two. They are adorable. Sister Watabi and Sister Lang. :) I love them already! Sister Lang has her mission call to Salt Lake City East and leaves in like 2 weeks. If spending a week being a missionary doesn't prepare you then I don't know what will!

So we had a miracle this week. We got a media referral, that is when someone goes to and requests a Book of Mormon or something. We get a text to visit them and we go! Anyway we got a referral Scott. He just wanted us to contact him so we called. It was weird cause his number was already in our phone. Turns out he has talked with missionaries before and he wants to be taught again, he just didn't know how to contact us. He is super awesome! He just came to church, we hadn't even taught him a lesson yet. He was super excited. :) He told us at church he felt the Spirit which is something he hasn't felt in a long time! Seriously so cool.:) God brings miracles when we have faith and are obedient.

I have overall been exhausted this week. Bring doubled in, going on exchanges, training other missionaries, and mini missionaries is not an easy thing, haha, but I have some how made it through the whole week.  It's so cool how the Lord gives me that little amount of strength each day. Without him, I wouldn't be strong enough for this journey I am going through. But like ether 12:27 he will make our weaknesses become strengths.  Love you all soo much!:)
Experimenting with the iPads.. It's ok if we act like children we haven't had technology in a while

Me first exchange with cute sister Joseph:)

The Arnotts have this snake... Don't be fooled by the fake smile. I was scared.

Mini missionaries!!:) Sister Watabe, me, Sister mecham and Sister Lang :)

My companion! Can't believe I have only know her like a week:) I love her!!:)

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