Monday, July 20, 2015


It's been freakishly humid here these days... I legit have never actually sweat bullets before but now it's like dripping off my face! Ah! It's disgusting haha mission life!

Unfortunately Tara was out of town this week so we didn't get to teach her:( so sad! But it's ok there is always next week:) we did get to teach Leroy though! He is so awesome! He is hard core searching for truth. He is excited about the church:) miracles never cease here in Newark! The Lord is blessing Sister Mecham and I:)

This week we had to give a training at 2 sessions of interviews with President. The trainings were both four hours long so that was 8 hours of being with President and Sister Daines woot woot! Needless to say we started going a little crazy at the end.. Hopefully President and Sister Daines still love us haha:) and later that night we had ministering visits again with President so we were literally with him all day. It was fun though. My interview with President went great:) he is so amazing! I am so grateful for him:)

Went on exchanges with Sister Johnson this week:) so get this, we graduated together from AFHS. Did we know each other? Nope:) haha:) she came out with Sister McDonald! So I could've trained her:) she's so sweet I love her! It was hot that day and we biked.. All day.. I have never been so tired. Straight up! I was dying. I like never wanted to ride a bike again haha. But it was a good experience:) when I told sister Mecham she got all pumped to go biking.. Yay... Haha:) so we did on the hottest day of the year so far. And on our wonderful journey my tire went flat.. We were stranded. So we called a member, thank goodness for members! She picked us up and our bikes and fixed my tire for me they are so sweet:) and then they awkward moment on the bike ride home when my other tire goes flat.. Oh mission life. How I adore you. 

But really sister Mecham and I have seen many might miracles here. I know the Savior is beside me every step of the way. He is honestly lifting me most of the time because there is no way I could be doing this by myself. Time is flying and it scares me. Being a representative of my Savior is one of the most incredible things I have been able to experience. I know he loves me, and I feel that when I account to Him everyday and he lets me know that I did enough. 

This week my amazing mama had her birthday:) I truly am not bias but..
My mom is the best. I wish I could've been there to celebrate with you mom! But you were in my thoughts as I was biking all day.. Haha:) love you!

I love youuuuu!!!:) bye!:)
 Sister Johnson and I!:) proud to be a caveman!!

Flat tires for days.

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