Monday, July 13, 2015

Bible Bashin.

Why hello! Long time, no write? Haha:) I really do not have much to update on since I wrote you Wednesday. Mission life is the same. It's hard, yet so rewarding. I have actually been so exhausted lately haha. Yet somehow, I still have the energy to work hard everyday. The Lord is truly close to me, I can feel Him. He is the only one who helps get me through everyday. I love my older brother!:)

So, this week has been sort of a bible bashing week but both ended up being cool experiences. (for us!) So, first was with this guy, he was all bagging on the Book of Mormon. He told us he wasn't trying to fight but he was asking very probing questions. Eventually I pulled out the Mormon message testimony of the Book of Mormon by Elder Holland. When the video was over this guy had nothing to say. The spirit was so strong. How could he argue with a testimony? You can't. Needless to say we left with a return appointment and a smile on our faces.:) 

Another experience was with a Baptist Pastor. Those are always fun! His wife was so sweet and sat down on the porch with us to talk when suddenly this man came out and sat on his chair and was like "so what Jesus do you believe in?" I usually do not let bashing bother me, but that bash always hits me.. Because we believe in the same Christ everyone else does! I don't understand why people think we believe in a different one! Anyway, we answered this man with respect and told him we were not there to fight. This took him off guard, and he was like ohh I am not here to fight with you either. Ha. Yeah right. He asked really stupid questions, but the power of the Spirit came over Sister Mecham and I, we testified and when we did he had nothing to say. Eventually we testified of Christ and how this is truly His church the same yesterday, today, and forever. The man stood up and stormed in his house! haha. The power of being a missionary is so real. When I am talking with people I truly just open my mouth and it is always filled. I can't even explain what it's like.. But it's amazing!

So Tara is on date for August 8 and she is AMAZING!! She has the cutest little boy and we are just in love with him. She is truly what the ward needs. She's such a miracle! She is just loving reading the BOM and cannot wait for her baptism.:) The Lord does always provide! Patience is key! Which is the hardest thing to gain.. Haha:) but once we master it, we can accomplish anything.

3 Nephi 13:8- your Father knoweth what things ye have need of before ye ask him.

Heavenly Father truly knows everything we need. He knows us perfectly. Trust him, and we will be blessed. 

Bubble blowing at its finest!

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