Monday, March 30, 2015

Amy's Big Week!

What a beautiful and exciting week this week was. And spring break is over which makes it even better!

                We saw Amy almost everyday this week cause SHE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEK! What? I just love her so much. Anyway. She had her baptismal interview, and passed with flying colors. And on that same night the missionaries had a cheesecake cook off. We ate sooo much cheesecake but I would have to say, Sister Springers pumpkin one was bomb. She is the winner.

        We had exchanges this week. Yay! I went with Sister Wagstaff.J I LOVE HER SO MUCH! Seriously. She is the cutest. I went on an exchange with her when I was only 3 months old in the mission field. Time flies! We partied. We are both just girly girls and totally get each other. We also got frozen hot chocolate which was a plus! Almost as good as Serendipity’s.. almost.J We stayed up till like 12 o clock pillow talking. haha. Its like a sleep over. She also cut my hair as well.. no worries. Just a little trim! I made sure of it. haha! But exchanges are so fun cause even though you totally love your companion.. it is good to get a small break from them sometimes!  On our exchange we taught Gibson. It was so cute in his prayer he was like “I am grateful for Sister Slater and this other Sister and Sister Love.. and hopefully I will one day see her again.” Hahaha he is a cutie. Oooo also on the exchange we went to the Union and there was free popcorn, a free photo booth, free t- shirts, free chocolate.. just a bunch of free stuff! It is for this random company but it was fun! Sister Wagstaff and I got some cute pics.

          Saturday though was the best day of the week! Amy looked to adorable. She was glowing! The baptism was perfection. She was so excited. Gretchen and Sister Springer gave talks. The spirit was so strong and Amy cried! She asked us to come back with her when she got baptized so we just stood on the side of the font. Her sister and her friend came! How amazing is that? Such great support. Anyway, when Amy stepped into the water she looked back at us and was like “ITS HOT!! Haha oh no.. this is why we don’t trust Elders to fill up the font! All was well though.J They pronounced her name wrong the first time she was baptized so she got dunked again.. haha she said the whole experience is a story to tell her kids. But really, she was glowing! Afterwards she was shaking of happiness. She looked so pure, and I could just feel the love Heavenly Father has for her. She can finally now return home to him now that she has made this covenant. She just now must endure to the end and make other covenants. She said she felt so clean. Baptism is just amazing. Later that day we went to dinner with Amy and her sister and Amy was still beaming. She was just so happy. Then.. we watched the womens conference all together! Wow! After watching that I felt such a strong love for my family. I love you all so much! It is crazy how much they focused on that. The family is the first thing Satan tries to tear apart. I am grateful that he has not torn my little family apart. I love you so much! Amy said President Eyring is just adorable!

      SUNDAY SHE WAS CONFIRMED! It was beautiful. This is what I remember most from her blessing.. “no matter what always remember, you are His daughter.” Amy said at one point she knew it wasn’t Chris talking anymore giving the blessing, she knew it was Heavenly Father talking to her. She was so happy. It is such a blessing that I have the opportunity to bring others closer to Christ. I would be rejected by 1000 more people if it meant I got to find someone like Amy again and help them on their path to salvation. I have never felt so much joy in my life. I am grateful for this gospel, and for my Savior. Without Him none of this would be possible!

Have a good week everyone!
 Frozen Hot Chocolate!

 Amy and her Sister Sarah:)

I love this girl more than words can say. I am grateful I have had the opportunity to stand in the Lord's place and to help her come closer to him. What a blessing this gospel is! 

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