Monday, March 9, 2015

Everyday is another new adventure!!

Transfer week is the most stressful week ever. The anxiety is high until we get the call to know if we are staying or not haha. We will start with the beginning of the week.

        Monday was not P-day because of transfers so we did some things that day.. contacted etc. We needed to go to the public library to print something off though. We usually go to the library on campus. Anyway, we go there and there are so many homeless people in there.. it was pretty ghetto. I had the heebie jeebies for sure!  There were no computers open and while we were waiting Sister Love see’s creepy Craig. Haha! The guy we met there who thought we would marry him. She ran out so fast and I of course followed after. When we ran out the door there was this creepy guy starting to follow us who was like “hey you students? Lets hang out some time.” EW!! SO GROSS! Haha! I am never going back to that library again. Too many creepy people.J

        I got sick this week dang it! Haha of course I did. It started with a sore throat but turned into a bad cold. Needless to say I am thankful for the Springers. They are the senior couple serving on campus. They were my parents and got my all sorts of meds to help me.J I just love them! But yeah.. I was pretty out of it. haha! Colds just take everything out of you! Sweet Sister Love let me sleep in 15 min one morning. She is so nice. haha! Those 15 min made all the difference.

        Wednesday was P-day and it was so stressful! I hate waiting for the call! Literally every minute I was looking at the phone. Eventually we ran and found Elder Segle on the phone finding out the transfer news. Sister Love and I are staying!! YESS!! We were so happy!J After we were way excited we got to take the new missionaries out.J 5 new elders and 2 new sisters. We got to help them pass out a BOM on campus! It was funny though cause I introduced myself and the elders were like.. “slater..” And they run up to me and were like “oh my gosh!  Your sister was in our district at the MTC!!” WHAT? They shook Savannah's hand that morning ! haha SO crazy!J Glad she made it through the MTC.J But yeah I get to spend some more time on campus thank goodness!J

        We taught the cutest girl named Casey! AH! Love her.J We went to brunch and talked about Christ. What more could you need? She is so cute.J People are just so prepared it is crazy. Amy is doing great!J She says she is sooo excited to be baptized! Gibson decided he wants to learn some more before he is baptized which is totally fine! We understand completely. It made us a little sad though that we have to move his date.L It's all part of the plan though! The Lord knows what he is doing.J

        Miracle of the week! So we were teaching this girl named Tricena. She is adorable. Anyway, she told us she needs some time to think. She is Atheist and we think she is feeling the Spirit and it scares her. So, we hadn't talked to her for like 2 weeks. We figured she didn't want to meet anymore but she texted us and said she wants to learn more! WHAT?? She said she feels she is searching for God and she wants to learn more about the church! MIRACLES!! We taught her this week and she loved the Restoration. But, she had a lot of Plan of Salvation questions so we are excited to teach her that lesson next week.J Seriously though, the Spirit does touch people. Being a missionary is just the coolest. This week was my 6 month Anniversary! haha! Elder Loftus came out with me so we celebrated together! He got one of his ties and we both signed it then we burned it! It was pretty fun!J A nice little ceremony to celebrate our 6 months in Ohio. I can’t believe it has been that long! AHH!! I am a third done. So so crazy.

      Well it has been a fun week and sooo warm! 35 degrees! Man, I was’t even wearing a coat I was sweating! Haha. I love Ohio so much and I love being a missionary!!  Shout out to my sweet sweet cousin Gabby! I love you Gabby! I am glad you are finally home! You were an amazing missionary! Also shout out to my sister to is now in Nebraska holla! I am sure she is killin it already!J Anyway, Love you all!:)  
 Our tie burning ceremony. I was holding the lighter. It was really fun:)

 And a big event! Haha look at all the cameras

 Yup, that is my MTC District Leader.  In reality the tie burning was a fail, haha, but it looked cool!


 Sister Huang:) I LOVE ASIANS!!

BEST MORMONAD EVER! But really, haha!
"As cold waters to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country." - Proverbs 25:25

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