Wednesday, March 18, 2015


       The Lord truly does prepare people. It is so insane. Amy was prepared to learn the gospel. She is so amazing! AHH!!! Goodness. I just love her. I could brag about her forever. haha! But, here is Amy’s story: she was walking to class (which she was late for) but we stopped her so she decided to talk with us. I stopped her by saying “is that an FFA jacket?” haha. Anyway she said as she was talking with us a voice came into her head that said “go to the church. It will be ok, just go.” WHAT?? Oh my goodness! The spirit told her to accept our message! This girl is incredible. She has had a family search for like 4 years. She is obsessed with family history! She has no problems with the word of wisdom, and just pretty much is already a Mormon. I cannot get over her. Anyway stay tuned for her baptism in two weeks. J

        This week felt pretty long.. yet it went fast! Haha. I don’t know how to explain it. We had dinner at the restaurant called Mad Mex. It is the closest thing I have had to Café Rio in Ohio so far.  Anyway we got this ice cream burrito. Get this; a fried burrito with a brownie and ice cream on the inside. MMM so good!J Haha. Guess I have given up on lent.  Oops!!

        TUESDAY WAS TEMPLE DAY! WAS IT AMAZING? YES! I love the temple so much. It is so peaceful. I wish I could go everyday but once every 6 months is still ok.  But really, how blessed are we to have temples in these modern days? They are so beautiful and we are so close to the Lord when there. AH! Such a blessing. The Columbus Temple is so cute.J It is pocket sized. I just love it! We went to all these sketchy stores on P-Day. haha! We just wanted to explore and we found all these stripper stores. Super fun, haha! Yeah, It was a sketchy part of campus and I got splashed with water by a bus! Like what happens in movies! I love Columbus.

         We went on exchanges this week and I went with Sister Taysom! It was super fun! I love her. I got to train her too cause she is a new missionary! Always a good time. We also got donuts from the little donut shop on high street. So that was fun!

         OUR LESSON WITH AMY WAS AMAZING! Of course! We taught the word of wisdom and watched the John Tanner story while eating chocolate cake. She told us she is so excited to be baptized. Love her! Then we got to go shopping with her to find a cute baptism dress. So fun! My mom is so sweet and bought her one and it is perfect! It is just this cute white dress with a collar. You will see pictures soon. She looked adorable and felt like a million bucks. Thanks mom!J She was so grateful.

         Spring break starts Monday here on campus so pretty much Saturday on was a ghost town, haha! So we watched the ducks in the pond for a bit.. spring is here!! YAY! I haven’t worn tights all week. It has been FANTASTIC!!

         It has overall been a good week. Just preparing for Amy’s baptism and enjoying the warm weather. On Sunday Bishop Halley said something super sweet to the Relief Society. He sat in on our lesson and he said the only word that popped into his head the whole lesson was the word precious. We are so precious to our Heavenly Father, we don’t even know.  He loves us so much. I a lot of the time cannot even comprehend it, but I know he does. I am grateful to know that I am a daughter of Him. He is all powerful, he is just, he is merciful, he is my Father, and I love him.

        “First doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith”
-Dieter F. Uchtdorf

        Don’t ever let doubt get in the way of anything. Hold strong to the rod and to your testimony! I promise the Lord will bless you as you do so.

 Thank you so much for all the prayers! I love you!



 The Springers took us to Outback this week and we got mac and cheese:) Best thing of my life. Thank you so much Elder and Sister Springer.

How we weekly plan.. crafts+popsicles. 

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