Monday, March 23, 2015

Ohana :)

     I wish I could say something crazy cool happened this week! But I can’t.. because NO ONE WAS ON CAMPUS! Haha happy spring break.  It was a fun week though! We started the week off by going to Easton! AHH! Ok.. best mall I have ever been to. They have every store you could ever dream of. Including Tiffany’s of course!J And, yes of course I went in and tried stuff on. Man, I just love it! They also had an American Girl Doll store! I felt like a kid in a candy shop!:) It was a really fun day.  Thanks Sister Springer for taking us!

        But really, this week we would walk around for like 2 hours and not talk to anyone. haha. Sister Love and I for sure bonded and told lots of stories.  It was nice though! The weather on Monday was like 70 degrees then the rest of the week was like 45-50.. so that was cool haha.

       We taught Amy over the phone twice! We taught her tithing, keeping the Sabbath day holy, etc.  This was her comment “all these things you are asking me to do make sense. They aren’t hard.” Haha uh.. ok you are amazing! Tithing is hard for me! She helps me grow my testimony. (This is for Wes) J Her baptism is Saturday March 28th at 1 o'clock at the New Albany building. We could not be more excited!  Keep her in your prayers! Satan has a tricky way with people to get them to not get baptized. But we know Amy is so strong and wants this so bad!

       We did a lot of family history this week. So there is this website called Find My Relatives and we have a group where we can see everyone in the mission we are related to. It is super fun!! I am like 11th cousins with Sister Love so that is a good time! Also.. I AM RELATED TO WALT DISNEY!! AH! 8th cousins 4 times removed baby! Hey, that counts right?:) I am pretty much a Disney! haha

          We have a Gibson quote of the week! He grabs a pastry and it was frozen so we were like “Gibson those may not be good cause they are frozen.” And he goes “not to degrade Elsa or anything but.. the cold never bothered me anyway.” Hahah! Man! I just adore him!:)

        It’s a few weeks late but shout out to Teysia and Jefferson!:) Cutest newly weds ever!!:) And also a big shout out to Parker! Welcome home!:)

        Overall it was a fun week! Sunday was the best though! We had another missionary devotional but this one was about Easter!:) We watched the video “Because He Lives”. Make sure you all check it out when it comes out March 28th. It is amazing! It brings the Spirit, and it strengthened my testimony of the resurrection of Christ. I know He lives. I know He lives today. He loves me, and is always, always there for me. If he never came to earth, we would have no purpose in life, we wouldn’t be able to return to our Father. How grateful am I for our Savior, our Redeemer, our everlasting Maker. And what a blessing it is that I get to stand in his place, to say and do what he would say and do if he were personally ministering among the very people to whom he has sent me. I love you all! Have a great week.

 girls day:)


We had a large group of sisters at dinner.. haha

"Sister Slater do Ariel's face on this cookie." 

 The Stadium!!

My mom sent stuff to do a St. Patricks photo booth.. this is the result:

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