Monday, March 2, 2015


Whats up family?:) What a grand week it was here in the great Ohio Columbus MissionJ Was it cold? Yes. Did it snow? Oh yes. But that is just all apart of the Ohio experience. And guess what? I love it!J

      Guess who is has a date to be baptized?:) GIBSON!! And… AMY!!:) AHHH! They are both scheduled for March 28th yay yay yay!J Man, being a missionary is just so exciting!J I love it so much!J We taught the restoration to Gibson and we asked him what he thought and he said “So, God hasn’t left us? His work is still on the earth?” Haha exactly Gibson! Man, he is just so smart!J And when we asked Amy how she feels about being baptized she said she has been praying a lot about it and she feels so much comfort about it! Man, the Lord prepares people thats for sure.J

       We didn’t have a lot of lessons this week so we did a lot of contacting which is always fun!! We did have zone meeting though and they brought donuts. L Which I didn’t eat since we are doing Lent (haha not eating any treats till Easter). Which is a catholic thing to do but we are calling it Lent anyway!:) I don’t know why I always put myself through these withdrawals! But it will be worth it.J We did teach this man named Christian this week though. The spirit totally guided the lesson. He is a professor so we knew we had to give him up to other missionaries but we were excited to get to teach him once! I have never seen someone want to be a better person so much before.. He was telling us how he just feels empty. And he looks at religious people and he wants that. He said the moment he saw Sister Love’s and my face he could tell there was something different. That we truly loved this gospel, and Christ and that he wanted what we have! WHAT?! The light of Christ is real.J

      On OSU we have this thing called new missionary training when all the new missionaries for the transfer come and we have a meeting with President then us OSU missionaries get to take them out contacting! So fun! I took Sister Gusthavenson out. She is so cute.J She did amazing! I wish I was as confident as her when I was a new missionary geez! Haha. Other missionaries teach me so much everyday.J But, at the meeting President called me a Jesus freak! Haha I am well aware of what I sound/look like in my tv debut.J Thanks President haha!!J

       HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY TO ME THIS WEEK! I am 19 and a half.J Legit the fastest 6 months of my life. Holy smokes! Anyway we celebrated by having a movie day with Amy.J We watched Prophet of the Restoration and we also curled her hair for her date that night.J She is such a cutie.J She said she got so many chills during the movie and she knows that it is the Spirit testifying of truth! She also told her mom she is getting baptized and her mom is so excited for her! AHHH! I am excited for her! I love seeing the change in people.J

       On Sunday it snowed a ton and church got cancelled like everywhere. We only had sacrament meeting then they cancelled the rest of church. hah!. Ohio is so dumb. J But anyway we were having a deep doctrine conversation with the district and we talked about something that really stood out to me. We talked about progressing, whether it is on this earth or in the next life and Elder Loftus said this, “The only way to progress is to be selfless.” That statement spoke to me. We need strive to be selfless, just like our Savior who was the most selfless person on this earth. We will go no where if we only think of ourselves. If we ever want to progress in this life and the next, we have to serve others. And when you serve others is when you feel true joy. And that is the joy I am feeling everyday. Can I work on being more selfless? Oh yeah. But with the help of my Savior I can achieve that and progress in this life so I can be prepared for the next life.

     The Church is true. That is all I have to say. It has blessed my life and I can see it blessing so many other lives every single day. What a blessing it is to have Christ’s original church on the earth today!:)

                I LOVE YOU! HAVE A GOOD WEEK!

 we had matching skirts!!! slash we bought them together so this was planned haha:) 

 AMY!! Isn't she cute? I just love her:) Hair courtesy of Sister Love and I:)

 BIGGEST PIZZA EVER! It was bigger than me!

 So Sister Huang said that in China they do this to be cute in pictures. haha gotta love those Asians:)

Her hair looked like Sailor Moon. So we took a Sailor scout pic:) Excuse how un-flattering this pic is of both of us. I promise I haven't gained that much weight! haha:) love you:)

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