Monday, April 6, 2015

He is not here. He is risen.

       I hope you all had a great Easter this week! What an amazing time it is to remember our Savior and the sacrifice he made for us. And also the miracle of His resurrection. With Him and through Him, all things are possible.

       This week was a bit different with contacting because we decided to make a video for #becausehelives! We went around campus with chalk boards asking people to tell us what is possible because He lives then to write it down and we took a picture. We got some amazing people who were way down to do it, and others not so much. Either or, it is amazing to see how many people believe in the Savior and to see how he has helped them. Sister Love and I even went downtown into the city and got some good pictures! We met some of the most humble people there who all just love Christ! Whether they were light, dark, homeless, or rich we were all united in the same belief in Christ. It was really cool.

        One homeless man wrote “because He lives, happy with Him.” At first I really did not get it but I thought he was just the cutest thing so we got a picture. As I have pondered His words I realized what he meant. Happy with Him. Because He lives we can be happy with Him one day. We can be happy with Him today! If we just open our hearts and let Him in we can be happy. I could see how happy Christ made the homeless man and I hope that when I go through trials and life isn't going where I want it to I can still be “happy with Him”.

        We taught Josh this week! He is a referral and he is AWESOME! He wants to find a church for him that clicks! He said he is “old fashioned” and he likes when woman cover themselves up and men respect them. Hmmm.. I think Josh is in the right place haha! I will probably be talking more about him because he is amazing!

        CONFERENCE CONFERENCE CONFERENCE!! AH! It was amazing! My favorite quote from Saturday, “Love grows stronger” – Boyd K. Packer. Through all trials we have in our lives love grows stronger. Satan wants nothing more than to destroy the love in a family! We can’t let him do that! It is so interesting how many talks talked about family. It shows that we all need to strengthen our family unit and come closer to the Lord together!:) In between sessions we dyed Easter eggs! It was really fun.J We also made cute little cupcakes. Amy came to conference and really enjoyed it! It is so cool to see the light of Christ shining through her! She loves this gospel. And she thought the Prophet is just the cutest thing alive. Which I agree.

        We showed the video we made and the spirit was so strong. Amy was straight up crying and so were many others. One guy came to watch it and felt the spirit so strong he stayed for conference! It made walking around in the rain for 3 hours with a chalk board totally worth it! If you want go and watch it! It is on the missions facebook under Ohio Columbus Mission –President Daines.

         Sunday was beautiful! I woke up and opened a box my parents sent me and it had lots of candy and surprises! I just love them! Even thousands of miles away they make me feel so special.J We got ready and got to go to the mission home to watch the morning session with President and Sister Daines! It was a once in a life time opportunity. It was Easter, conference, I am a missionary and I got to watch it with my mission President. Life is good! They cooked us a big yummy breakfast! Fruit, eggs, waffles, bacon, ohhh my goodness. They are the best! Then we all got blankets cuddled up on the couch with treats and watched the first session. It was SUPER good!! Can we talk about the 3 new temples?:) Ah! So exciting!:) I loved Elder Hollands talk. I loved how he just talked about how Christ will never let us fall. Like the story he shared where the boys brother grasped onto him just before he fell. Christ will do the same for us! He loves us and his always there for us!

        This weekend is the best possible way I could ever celebrate Christ’s resurrection. He lives! Reach out. Call out. He is here. I know He lives, and I know one day I will be able to wrap my arms around Him and thank Him for all he has done for me. I will never be able to comprehend the love He has for me but I know I feel it everyday! Hope you all have a great week!:) LOVE YOU!

 Our locks are supposed to be locked.. but not when it come to Brutus:)

 GRACIE! She is an investigator and my soul sister. 


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