Tuesday, April 21, 2015

College life.

       This week was really long, and really short. It’s crazy how that happens. So, lets start with Monday. Sloopy’s part 2. Haha. I don’t know why but I was talked into doing the challenge again! I guess I just wanted to redeem myself because I was shocked I didn't finish it. 37.20 baby!!! I finished those pancakes in 37 minutes!! Did I feel like I was going to puke? Yes. But did I feel like a champ? Yes. Haha all the missionaries were super proud of me.J It is funny though cause I woke up that night super nauseous and fell asleep on the bathroom floor for a bit. I guess that’s what I get. Haha Sloopy’s challenge for life!

         I love when we plan a lesson for someone and then the lessons goes a completely different way than we had plan. I can feel the Spirit work through me as I teach a person to truly help their needs. Teach the person, not the lesson! It is very important. We went into a lesson the other day thinking we would watch Finding Faith in Christ. But nope! We ended up watching the Restoration, and talking about Joseph Smith. Went a totally different route but hey, it works! It was was she needed to hear.

       We had interviews with President and Sister Daines this week. It is also the same day Sister Huang went back to temple square.L I cried, she cried, Sister Love cried, Sister Daines cried, it was an emotional time. She was sad to leave. I am grateful I was able to serve with her. Anyway, I don’t know why I am always scared for interviews. They always go well. President and I talked about Sister McDonald because I LOVE HER!! We also talked about the Book of Mormon challenge we did as a mission. We went through and marked all the time it said something about Christ, when it said his name, and when he was talking. It was amazing! I finished before my interview so I had the whole experience. In my interview with Sister Daines I walked in and the first thing she told me is I reminded her of Glinda in Wicked! I was like oh my goodness! I will be Glinda any day! Haha. I felt really special.

        We had the most amazing lesson with Amy this week. It was about enduring to the end. We talked about when we do all we can in this life, there will be a place prepared for us. We will be blessed if we endure all trials in this life. Our Heavenly Father loves us, and wants us home. I think as a missionary I have found my purpose in that. It is through our Savior Jesus Christ that we can return home to our Father in Heaven. That is why he is our “Savior” and “Redeemer”. We can only be made clean through him so we can stand in the presence of God. Such a blessing! If we endure this life well, imagine the blessings we will have in the next life! If we keep an eternal perspective on things it makes life easier.

                Sister McDonald is seriously the funnest! We just walk around talking to God’s children and sing Disney music. Haha she is my soul sister. I just adore her! Training is super fun! Especially when you have a trainee who just does it. She just talks with everyone, and works hard to learn. She is amazing! She hates compliments so I hope she reads this soon. haha! The spring game was this week and it was NUTS NUTS I TELL YOU!! So many people.. all the game is, is a practice! Haha Ohio is funny! But on campus that day I saw very little clothing, and a lot of drinking. This house across the street from the Institute played beer pong from the time I got there in the morning till the time I left at night. You know, I thought only in movies was college life like that. But that is so false haha. I like my little missionary bubble. The real world is SCARY!!

         April 19 was a good day! Amy’s Birthday and… Grandpa Slater’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BOTH OF YOU!! LOVE YOU!!:)

        With my Book of Mormon challenge I was asked what I learned about the Savior. There is something I did notice. It is how bad he wants us to repent. How bad he wants us to become clean. He wants those burdens taken from us. In the story of Samuel the Lamanite Samuel says how the Lord said to him, “cry repentance unto this people.” Don’t just tell them, cry unto them! The Lord wants it for us! It is truly amazing to see how he consistently forgives, then blesses.  Over, and over again. He will never leave us. Sometimes we may feel he has. We may feel he has forsaken us. But he hasn't. In those times when we feel he has it is only so we can grow. So we can reach our full potential of who he knows we can be. I love this gospel. The Book of Mormon is true. It purely testifies of Jesus Christ.

                Have a good week! Love you.J

 The brave ones who did the challenge. 

 Thanks Suwoei for the avocado eggrolls! And our wonderful cheesecake factory meal:) 

 My skirt would flow in the wind and I felt like a princess:)


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