Monday, April 27, 2015

Going to the temple and we're gonna get baptized!!!

What a good week it has been.  It’s finals.. so no one wants to talk to us! But its ok! We have faith people are prepared! We will find them.J

         Amy got baptized for some members of her family this week! How special!:) We were super excited for her! We got to go for support. The Springers are so sweet and took us to dinner before. So fun fact about Amy: she is afraid of water. She is so amazing to get over her fear though and get baptized for her family anyway! She was scared though. haha. Which made me think of a gospel metaphor. They are the best!! like Amy was afraid to get in the font and be baptized. We can be afraid of many things in our lives, and things can be really hard! But like when Amy got baptized she held onto someone holding the Priesthood, and it was the one holding the Priesthood who brought her back up out of the water. She knew she could depend on him to do so. I know that in rough and scary times if we hold onto the Priesthood, if we hold on the Gods power and love, He will bring us back out of the water. We can always count on Him to do so. So there is no need to fear. I thought my metaphor was pretty good!J But so true! The priesthood is such a blessing! Without it Christ’s gospel would not be here. The heavens are still open, and God has not stopped talking to His children.

         We went on exchanges this week! Round 2 with Sister Jensen. She was my sister training leader in Hayden Run. I love her! Haha we had lots of fun but the most fun was that night we blew up a balloon and wrote Satan on it. We have a bunch of nerf guns in our apartment.. Elders *insert eye roll* haha!! We got emo make up on and shot the balloon aka Satan. It was quite fun! Oh, what missionaries do for entertainment!

          Thursday was AMAZING! THERE WAS A COW ON CAMPUS! A REAL COW! I milked him. Haha! Only on OSU is there a cow just chillin on the oval. We got lots of free stuff too so that was fun. Also Brutus the Buckeye was just walking around so we took a pic of course. I just love campus!

         We taught Gibson this week about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. He said he would ask his boss so that is exciting! He is so awesome. He and Tricena came to church! We had this broadcast thing.. I don’t even know what its called but General Authorities spoke to us so it was way cool.  Gibson and Tricena enjoyed it.

        We had a missionary fireside Sunday night and Wes was asked to share his conversion story. He is still amazing as always. Every time I hear that story I cry. Heavenly Father plays such a role in the lives of these converts. It is incredible. Hearing his story made me remember why I am a missionary. Days are really hard, yes. But, it is people like him and Amy that make it all worth it. I am grateful that the Lord trusts me enough to be apart in bringing our brothers and sisters back home. And we can do this even without a name tag! We can always be servants in the hastening of the work! Such a blessing!

          This week has been good. Sister McDonald and I just have so much fun but we work while doing it! I appreciated all the prayers and just know they help me through everyday! I LOVE YOU!!



 In the Wendy's they have Brutus as the Wendys guy. haha! Come on OSU don't worship false idols:)

 #swag (the balloon says satan) :)

 So... S. McDonald and I decided to match on accident. Truly, it was an accident:) We both came with heart sunglasses though so we are soul sisters:) 

 Then we saw Sister Springer and she had dots on too! haha so funny:) 

 AMY'S BIG DAY!!!:) 

 Ice cream afterwards yummy:) 


My cartoon pic! I thought it was pretty cool:) 

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