Monday, April 13, 2015


         Sooooo, this week has been crazy! It's been like the longest/fastest week ever! I will tell you why...haha. So Monday, Sister Love and I get a call from the assistants. On the phone they are all “we have someone who wants to talk to you.” And it's President! He asked me to train a new missionary! WHAT? Haha.  I do not feel adequate at all. But I of course told him I would! He then asked if I was prepared to train on campus. Hehehehe so that means I am staying?!?  So I asked him “you said on campus?” And he said “I may or may not have said that.” Haha whatever President!!J 

Anyway, so Tuesday I had to go to a training to be trained. We learned a lot of cool stuff! But something that stood out to me is when President talked about flattery, and how it is not good! Why would you tell someone they did super good at something when they didn’t? By doing that they will never grow and learn!  Man, it was good. President and Sister Daines are just so inspired!

        So Sister Love and I were sad cause we now knew for sure she was leaving! So Wednesday she packed up her stuff and we got the transfer call. This was the funny part though. They asked to speak to Sister Love and they told her to just leave her stuff in the apartment and not to bring it to transfer meeting cause she was just moving to a different area in OSU! Haha what?! It was so crazy! So Sister Love and I will still be working close! So fun!:)

         So Thursday is when I received my daughter. J (when we train we become moms haha). It was crazy! The transfer meeting was so fun and I got Sister McDonald! She is sooo cute! She is like 6 foot so I look tiny next to her! One of the first things I asked is if she liked Disney and she flipped out. Haha so it was a yes!!  I could tell we would get along just dandy! It was cool though cause President came up to us and told us how he was going to put me with a different Sister. But the Lord would not let him separate Sister McDonald and I! No matter how hard he tried the Lord would just not allow it! It was just meant to be I guess! Ah! It is so cool! We are truly put with who we need to be with.

         Sister McDonald truly is amazing though! I don’t even feel like I am training! Even though she is scared to death on campus to talk to people she still does it! She stops most of the people too! She is awesome! I feel so grateful to train her. The Lord has put a lot of trust in me. The way you train a missionary sets up the atmosphere for their entire mission. I hope I can live up to the Lord’s expectations!

     Amy was supposed to go to the temple Saturday with the ward to do baptisms but she slept in!:( NOO! She has so many family names too! It is ok though cause we set up a time to go Tuesday. Oh and we had the coolest lesson with Tricena this week. She is trying to hard to find God. Seriously. We had a lesson on faith to show her it can be simple and to show her how her faith is growing!!! It is growing sooo much! This girl went from being atheist, to wanting to find God, to reading like 7 chapters in the BOM in a few days, to going to church! It is such a miracle! I can see a change in her. I just hope she can see it soon. Heavenly Father loves her so so much and wants her to return to Him.

        I hope you all had a great week! I am living it up here on campus!:) I just adore it!:) LOVE YOU ALL!!
 Haha I was pregnant with my daughter! Training is fun:)

 Last night as a full district:( why do missionaries have to go home?:( Bye Sister Wagstaff and Sister Hicken! Have fun with your families!:)

 Sister McDonald! Haha she was really tired:) She also doesn't like smiling with her teeth. I promise she was happy!!:)

 LOOK AT THE FLOWERS! There are trees like this all over campus! SPRING IS HERE!

There was a Renaissance fair on campus. it was a party haha:) I love OSU!!

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