Monday, January 4, 2016

Look not behind Thee

I love the meaning behind New Years. Have any of you seen the Mormon message "Look not behind Thee?" It's one of my favorite Mormon messages of all time. It tells the story of Lots wife and how they were given strict commandments to not look behind them after they left their home. For whatever reason we are not sure if she looked behind her, and a pillar of salt she became. This is a new year and we have no reason to look behind us. We can set goals for who we want to become this year but also for who Heavenly Father wants us to become. He will help us achieve anything we want if it's in harmony with him. So this year let's let him change us. It's a fresh start, it's a new year. Our future is brighter than our past. And with the Lord all things are possible.

Apparently it's a tradition of good luck to eat sauerkraut on New Year's. So sweet Sister Bohon once again cooked us a five course meal and gave us cabbage rolls. They were actually really good! And definitely worth good luck for the year. It was a good New Year's Day!:)

Anthony is progressing towards baptism! I've never seen anyone with such a strong desire to change. He is so excited for his baptism! He knows that's when he will feel the most forgiven, and feel changed. He is already seeing it in himself though. The Atonement heals all. It can change anyone. No matter who you are, or where you've been. It's powerful, and I love seeing that power be used by myself, and others through out my mission. I love being a missionary!! We are still finding a ton which is always good haha:) reoccurring theme of my mission:)

We had a major testimony building experience it was really cool!! So we went to get gas and I went to grab the gas card out of the glove compartment... And it wasn't there. Id rather it be my own credit card than the missions card! The Lords card!! I started to freak out and Sister Meyers and I frantically started to search the car. We looked for about ten minutes and couldn't find it. We prayed and then continued to search. In my mind, I had a thought come into my head of Sister Meyers pink coat. It was at the apartment. The thought kept coming to my head. Her and I were freaking out. So I looked at her and was like we need to check our pockets in our coats at home. She looked at me and told me she was thinking the same exact thing! So we drive home and I looked in my coat pockets, nothing. She then looked in her coat pocket of the pink coat and sure enough it was in there. We both fell to our knees and cried. A direct answer to prayer. It was a powerful experience. We said a prayer of complete gratitude and I felt the love from my Father so strong...I prayed the other night asking him why I haven't felt Him as strong recently and if He were there and listening to my prayers. He answered me with a experience I won't forget. Sister Meyers and I both felt that prompting from the spirit. It was so cool!! He's there. And he loves me.

Hope you all made some awesome New Years resolutions! I love you! Thank you for supporting me this year as I served the Lord an entire year. January to January. 2015 will be a year I will never ever forget.
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 New Year's Eve swag, it was 10:00 p.m. haha!

 We walked 6 miles that day...We were sitting on the side of a curb for relief, haha!

SISTER RUSS!!! Exactly 16 months ago her and I met at the MTC:) 16 months being a missionary...I LOVE IT!

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