Monday, January 18, 2016

This week was a regular week! Got to go on exchanges with Sister Detamore again that was fun! We were driving to dinner and had a sudden urge for a, we got one, haha! It was a Gigi's cupcake and it was sooooo good and so cute! A plus:) Hahahaha the exchange was super fun though!:) and I love cupcakes:)

We also had interviews this week!!! We had an all day training for weekly planning! So that was fun haha. Took hours and hour and hours. We all got a little restless. Thankfully Sister Daines had games to play in between hours haha:) she thinks these things through:) I love the Daines with all my heart!:)

So many miracles this week of people letting us in to teach them! Probably letting us in cause it's cold.. But who cares! I love sharing the message of the Restoration !!!:) Jesus Christ's original church has been restored to the earth!! It's the greatest news on all the earth!! I just wish more would open their eyes and accept it. Good thing a loving Father gives us a chance in this life and the one to come. He is so merciful!!

We had a musical fireside this Sunday and we had a missionary choir. We sang "I Believe in Christ" and the choir director before we sang was like "sing your testimonies" I just love that! And we sure did sing our testimonies! The Spirit was so strong and through song we testified of the divinity of the Living Christ! The gospel is the best!!:)

Well, I love you all!
 80% frosting 20% cupcake

 We were laughing because the boy running looks like a little Jewish boy!

My companion though:)

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