Monday, January 25, 2016

His name, forever on my lips.

I LOVE OHIO!! Seriously. This place is life. It has my heart! Something really really cool happened this week!:) we has a world wide missionary broadcast! The church has not had a broadcast like this in 10 years! It was so cool cause at the beginning of the devotional we sang "Called to Serve" and I couldn't help but think of the thousands of missionaries singing with me all around the world! Including my big sister of course:) I didn't know why they called this devotional.. I thought at first we were gonna get chastised haha but the whole thing was super spiritually up lifting! The theme was "teaching repentance and baptizing converts". And how baptism truly is the first fruits of repentance, they go hand in hand. Something I learned with all this is that when we are baptized God gives us many gifts, like the gift of the Holy Ghost, and a remission of our sins. Baptism isn't the remission, b but keeping the promise is so we obtain that gift! We must keep our covenants to obtain that remission of our sins:) so amazing how God works!

Something they talked about that I completely loved was to keep the name of Christ on your lips. Always. How important is that? His name should always be in our hearts, minds, and lips. He is everything, he is our Redeemer. He needs us more than ever to always be a witness of Him and to stand for Him. Missionary, or not. I'm so grateful for the Savior.

I milked cows this week and got to feed a baby cow! Cutest thing of my life. Also, our water heater went out haha. We couldn't shower for a while.. But no worries!! It's fixed now!:)

 BABY COW!! He was the cutest ever, eating right out of my hands!

We took our investigators cigarettes.. They smell nasty.

We dressed up as Thumbelina and Prince Cornelius. Haha our companionship is on point!

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