Monday, January 11, 2016


I feel I don't have much to report on this week haha. It was another week of running the Lords errand! Which is of course the best errand ever:)

Lately I have been so exhausted. Satan keeps running through my mind how have been doing this for 16 months and my body needs to stop. Some days I lack motivation. I still went out and worked of course, haha but I didn't want to! Then I listened to this album about missionary work. The song was kids singing about how they're so excited to serve a mission. I started to tear up as I thought about the privilege it is to serve a mission. My heart was softened and the motivation came back. Heavenly Father is just so amazing. :) the Lord gives me the strength I need everyday! I couldn't do this without Him!!!

It finally snowed here in Ohio, haha about time! I love the snow!!:) it makes winter pretty haha:) but since it snowed it's gotten a heck of a lot colder. Hooray!! It's funny I forgot how cold it gets! Luckily, this winter I have a car unlike last when I was walking around on campus all day. Crazy it's almost been a year since I was sent there...#timeflies

Had back to back exchanges this week!! So I was only with my companion like 3 days this week haha. It was fun!:) one thing I love about being a sister training leader is I get to know all the sisters so well, and I learn so much from them! I swear on exchanges they are training me! I am so grateful!

I started the New Testament this week and something really struck me. In Mathew 4:19 Christ says to Peter and Andrew, "Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men." And the next verse says, "and they straightaway left their nets, and followed Him." In the next verse it talks about how he called to James and John and it talks about hoe they "immediately left the ship and their father, and followed Him." I just love these examples of faith. They did not ask questions, they did not complain. They heard the voice of our Lord beckoning them to come to Him, and they went, leaving everything. On my mission I have left a lot of things for the Lord, and I pray I can have the faith these men had to straightaway leave everything... And follow Him.

Have an amazing week!!:) love you!!:)
 O-H-I-O..There is a lot of state pride here

 #roadkill Ohio in a nut shell

 Sister Alius and I!!! She is my soul sister

 Haha, shout out to my slippers.  The Beavercreek Sistas! Sister Lang and Sister Sly :)

 Cute Sister Lang!!:)

 This pic describes Ohio too, everyone has these tree faces on their trees, haha!  Don't ask?!?!

 So, the pic with the tree was the day before this one.  50 degrees outside. Then it snowed. All night. #firstsnowfall

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