Friday, February 5, 2016


Well, this week has been so crazy and exhausting! I will let ya know why! First off, my greatest nightmare came true! Sister Meyers and I make really stupid videos haha for example our Thumbelina one. We find it hilarious and we are like known through out the mission for making super funny videos. The sisters just love it! Key word: sisters. haha. At MLC President took Sister Bartons iPad which just so happens to have a lot of these videos uploaded on it. And he started to watch them!!! AHHH!! I was dying haha. It some videos he couldn't here so he was like "I will just put it on the big screen." Okay, all the elders were around haha. And I was just like President! NO! Please no!! It was literally my nightmare for anyone to see these videos besides sisters haha and Sister Daines grabs me as is all "don't worry! you're not going to marry any of them anyway!" And I was like "I know!" haha it was a picture perfect moment:) needless to say.. they saw all the videos we have made. From Phantom of the Opera, to Twilight, to Thumbelina. Haha in the end pretty sure President views us all differently but its fine:) It was hilarious! I am glad he now knows my true side haha.

I went on exchanges with sweet Sister Ali. I just love her!!:) But anyway, we were walking out of the apartment and she left the keys inside.. and the door was locked. haha life. I would love to say that hasn't happened to me before but...:) Anyway she was freaking out but I knew everything would be okay. Although it was night.. and we were locked out haha. The apt manager wouldn't answer so finally we were like um ok we are going to have to have a sleepover in Urbana with the other sisters. Luckily, we had the car keys. A member was driving us back to the apartment after a Book of Mormon class when I asked Sister Ali if any of their sketch neighbors could pick a lock. She of course flipped out and the member was like I can. Haha he grabbed his little lock picking tools and totally got us back inside. #TenderMercies. I was sure grateful. Especially cause I left my wax pot on inside.. haha. God is so good!

Had two other exchanges this week after that one. Triple exchanges, I was tired. Haha. But the work must go on! Gretchen took us out to lunch to my new fav restaurant Tropical Smoothie Café. I thought it was an Ohio thing but turns out their is one is Orem! Holla! That made me excited! And Gretchen made me excited! She is just the cutest ever:) I love her!

We had a chapel tour with our investigator Miah and it was incredible. He is agnostic, but likes learning about different religions. when we went inside the chapel the spirit was so strong in there. He felt it so much he began to cry. He expressed to us he didn't know what was wrong cause he never cries! But testified of God's love and that he was feeling the spirit. He said he had never felt that way before. We left him in the chapel to pray and he came out and told us he had an incredible experience. While praying he asked of God was there. He then heard a knocking at the podium. He asked God if that was his answer and when he did it started to pour rain that he could hear. It trickled away and he asked god if he was sure that was the answer and it started to pour rain again. Sister Meyers and I saw a little rain but not pouring rain. It was so cool seeing his countenance change right in front of us! To see him come to know the Father and feel His love. Miah while sitting in the chapel told us he never wants to leave. It was an amazing experience for all parties.

I wish I could say I get to continue to teach Miah.. but alas transfers have com.. and I am being transferred... to OSU, once again. AHHH I cant believe it! Exactly a year later I will be back haha. The Lord works in mysterious ways!:)


 Tropical Smoothie cafe :)

 Sister Ali! Love her!

 Exchanges with Sister Nissalke as well :)

 First and last district pic :(

 The Bohons!  She is the best cook ever.  We love them.

Gretchen and I #fierce

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