Monday, December 28, 2015

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas this year! It truly is such a wonderful time of the year! I feel so much closer to my Savior as I, and everyone else is celebrating his birth! Ah! It was just amazing!!

This week was one full of events!:)

Monday was P day which is always a joyous event haha. Look forward to it every week:) Tuesday was the annual mission-wide Christmas devotional! It was soooo fun! I love being able to see everyone in the mission!:) We played games and filmed a Nativity which was so funny. I was cast as Mary. Haha it was pretty ghetto. But mission life is super ghetto so it is not surprising. Later that evening we had a Christmas fireside and we sang and members and investigators and others came! It was so nice. The spirit was so strong. Came Ken! I was so happy to see him! All the missionaries were just so excited! When all the missionaries get together it's just a huge plethora of spirit and I just love it!:)

Christmas Eve was spent weekly planning for the beginning of it! We went to the Stephens for breakfast and it was delicious!!:) Then we went and tried to see potentials and realized that no one was home or answering haha so we went to Bonnie's who is an investigator and when we go over she loves when we sing! So we watched the nativity with her and sang some Christmas songs. She is a widow and is just so lonely and so sweet. That night Sister Meyers and I got some take out Chinese food, went home put on our Jammies and watched Mr. Kruegers Christmas. It was a perfect Christmas Eve! Haha the Chinese restaurant was packed. Everyone else had our idea! Gosh dang it haha.

Christmas was AMAZING!! We woke up, opened presents, made waffles, and watched Nora's Christmas haha. It was a fabulous and comfortable morning:) After we went to visit a boy named Ricki. He lives in a developmental center and his mother asked us to visit him! He has such a sweet spirit. We talked with him, and even though he couldn't respond with words I could feel his spirit. What a blessing it is to be around those celestial spirits! I GOT TO SKYPE MY FAMILY!!!! AHHH!!! It made me so happy!! I like had anxiety at first and I didn't know why haha. They are just so beautiful! I LOVE YOU FAMILY!! Thank you for being amazing and being mine:) I'm grateful!!:) Best Christmas Present Ever. It's the little things haha:) We ended our day with dinner at Sister Abstons!! She made us a feast, and spoiled us with a whole bag of gifts! Love her!:)

Overall, this has been a fabulous week! Full of excitement and tears of joy!:) I love the Christmas season! I love my Savior. I love my Father in Heaven. There would be no point to this life without them. I am grateful to be a missionary and to stand in the place of The Christ. I can't believe he trusts me enough to do so! Haha:) I am so grateful for all the gifts you all sent, and the love I feel from you!!:) Have a happy new year!!:)

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