Friday, December 4, 2015

Being thankful:)

I love holidays!! They are just so fun!!:) They spice things up to a schedule that's the same everyday haha:) It's crazy... I am just like what the heck?? I was here last Thanksgiving too!? It feels like yesterday!! Boy does time fly when you're working hard and having fun. 

Thanksgiving was a party!! We woke up and ran the Turkey Trot 5k!!:) I have never ran more than 2 miles in my life!!! We ran the whole thing and our time was 34.13! Holla! First 5k of many it was so fun!:) We were for sure hungry after that and the Vandifords in the Ward has us over for Thanksgiving. Tradition in their family is to pull out the scale before dinner and weigh then weigh in after dinner haha:) Dinner was delicious of course. So much food!!!! I gained two pounds:) not too shabby:)) We made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies later in the day and passed them out to less actives it made for a fun thankful day:) I'm so blessed to be a missionary here in the great Ohio! I wouldn't want it any other way.

On Friday there was the cutest little parade in town! I love small towns! Everyone was there! At the end Santa came to town and the kids were freaking out haha it was so cute:) I can't believe the Christmas season is here once again!!:) I can't believe it!!

A SAVIOR IS BORN!! Share the news with everyone!! The new video is up on and its beautiful. Discovery why. Discover why a savior was born. I on my mission have gotten to know my Savior because he is constantly walking by me. It is only with Him and through Him I get through everyday:) share the news of a Savior:) 
 After the Turkey Trot!!!

 Look I have a number and everything, haha!!

 The Vandifords!  Love them:)

 My Utah beanie.  I just love it: photo cred: Sister Meyers


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