Monday, December 7, 2015

The Gracious One.

Another week, come and gone. And boy did it go fast!! We had a lot going on this week:)

We had MLC this week at the mission home. We talked a lot about goals. I'm really learning how to set goals and be accountable for them. It's amazing how things I learn on my mission will help me accomplish things in my life. And with the Lord on my side I know I can accomplish anything, if it is in harmony with the Lord. We truly can achieve anything!!:)

Went on a few exchanges this week! One with Sister Morgan and Sister Russ from the MTC!! It was so fun to reminisce on old MTC, times haha! Her and I have both grown so much! It's crazy!! We are not even close to the same missionaries we were. So crazy!

I love this time of year so much. CHRISTmas:) the devotional was just so wonderful:) the theme of it was hope. Hope is the face of faith. When we grow our faith in Jesus Christ our hope grows as well. We all need hope in Him. He's the only hope we have in this world today. The Gracious One. I love my Savior.

Ohio has been unusually warm haha. People believe that Ohio is the land bountiful in the Book of Mormon, AKA where Christ comes. holla:) Hey, wouldn't be the first time Christ visited the Ohio:) I love being a representative of Him. Even though some days feel like years, this is the only time in my life I am 100% dedicated to His service. And I am living it up!

Sister Morgan and I in front of this cool light show that had a bunch of Christs names:)

GRETCHEN!! She took us to Texas Roadhouse this week! Gretchen I love you!!:) I am so sad I can't be around her all the time anymore!!

Chocolate martini's. Virgin of course, haha:)

How Sister Meyers and I watched the Christmas devotional :)

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