Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Once again it is officially fall here in Ohio. The leaves are gorgeous!!! Ah! I can't believe it's here again though! Never thought it would come haha. You all can expect me talking about how fast time goes in every email from here on out, cause it is FREAKING ME OUT!!

This Tuesday we had a mission wide end of summer event! It was so funny seeing all the missionaries in normal clothes acting like the kids we are. We had yummy food, and played lots of games! It was so fun. I love the OCM. Wouldn't trade my mission for the world.:) Most of us wore buckeye attire obviously. They're killin it this season. I'm proud. I served in campus, I'm forever a buckeye.:)

Once again we were tracting all week. Man, it gets tiring. Luckily not as much anti this week. Still some. The wound from last week is still healing a bit but I know the Lord will help me. Anyway, Sister Barton was like "why are we out all day in the hot sun tracting?" And I look at her and I say "cause digging holes builds character." Hahahaha if you've seen Holes you'd get it.:) She just looked at me and said "I can't argue with that". It was so funny, we were dying! We are teaching some awesome people!! The Lord always prepares.:) There is a man Cory and is daughter Kamdyn. They are so sincere and are praying to be baptized. I love them! He reads the Book of Mormon with her everyday. It's perfect:) When you and your family have that foundation of Christ, the whirl winds cannot knock you down. It's incredible.I've seen that in many families here in my mission.

Overall, it's been a fun week here in the great OCM. I LOVE IT!!

Transfer calls are today eek! Will I stay here in Nerk six more weeks? Stay tuned.
 Summer event!!:)
 Generation pic: me, my daughter, and grand daughter:) awh! Love training:)

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