Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Refiners fire.

 This week has been interesting, and really rough! We are trying so hard to find, and no matter what we do or who we would talk to everyone was so rude. We also have been running into a bunch of anti Mormon people who love to tear us down. This has been going on for like the past 2 weeks. It really didn't have an effect on me though at least I thought it didn't , we just kept pushing forward, finding and talking with everyone.

We knocked on a door and this man answered. He was very nice and told us he attends the Vineyard but has talked with missionaries a little before, and that he had a Book of Mormon somewhere! We were stoked cause he was awesome. His wife was inside and they invited us in to chat with him. He asked us to tell him what our basic beliefs were so we went on to teach the restoration. Him and his wife listened so intrigued. He asked no questions during the whole thing, he just asked us to teach so we did! After we were done he started asking very innocent questions about the priesthood, and heaven, and prophets! Eventually though, he pulled out his Bible and started reading verses contradicting everything we said. We told him we weren't there to bash and he said his questions are sincere and he just truly wanted to understand Mormonism. He continued to bash everything, everything we believe! He started talking about Joseph smith and he knew a lot about the church. Tons!! And then the truth came out that he has read a lot of the Book of Mormon. We told him we had to go, and he said he wanted to end on one thing. He then read us a scripture that told us we were cursed. We stood up to leave and shaking their hands I said "we both believe in Christ that's what matters." As we walked out he said "I'm just saying you believe in a different Christ that's all."

It hurt, so bad. My soul hurt. I cant explain it! Sister Barton and I both sobbed. We just kept thinking why has this been happening! Our testimonies weren't shaken at all, but it just hurt. We prayed, and pondered, and Heavenly Father comforted us a lot. Wonderful things happened the next day though. We found 2 incredible new investigators who are so sweet and so prepared! God works in mysterious ways, there is a reason everything happens. And he blesses us so much in the end! It has been a humbling week. Experiencing just a taste of what Christ felt, with the rejection he faced everyday. I'm grateful my Savior knows me, and how I feel.

Being a missionary is the best. Even through the hard times. It's hard to see our brothers and sisters not understand, because we desire their salvation. Ugh agency!! Haha. I'm grateful though for all the experiences I have here. I'm being molded. Christ knows how it feels to serve a mission, and in Him I can find strength.:)

A huge shout out to Kevan and Stephanie and their new baby!!:) congrats!!:) cutest family ever:)

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Love you!:)

 The Book of Mormon is the keystone to our religion. See the little boy reading it? 
Haha, love mission life!


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