Monday, January 26, 2015

Scarlet and Gray... All Day Every Day.

Um… So yeah.. crazy, crazy week. Haha I truly do not even have words. Got the call Wednesday I was being transferred :( I spent the whole P-day packing and what not and oh boy do I have a lot of stuff... haha super embarrassing :) Anyway Sister Thomas and I were super sad! I didn’t want to leave her, and Wes, and everyone else in Hayden Run! But I know that I am needed somewhere else here in Ohio. We get to transfers and I am just sitting there chillin. Sister Thomas got her new companion Sister King (she is so cute) they will be great together :) So.. I am just chillin and I wasn’t called for a while. Then they called “Being doubled into OSU 1... Sister Slater.” OKAY WHAT?! I AM GOING TO CAMPUS?! So something that makes my mission super cool is that we have missionaries on campus. They ride the bus, live on campus, and just go and talk to students all day! It is like every missionaries dream to go to campus. I was dying! Sister Love is my new companion… she was dying too. We both thought we would never go to campus. AHH!! After the meeting I walked up to President and was just like “what about the country you talked about?” He laughed and told me he doesn’t always get what he wants haha. Every missionary on OSU got doubled in... so pretty much every one has no idea what to do haha. There are 12 missionaries on campus. They told us all to meet at the van, they loaded our stuff in, and all us new campus missionaries drove to our new apartments. Oh! And the assistants to the President got doubled into campus... so they drove us to our apartment. It was so funny! We pulled up to our apartment, everyone got out grabbed some sort of luggage and we all just walked up to our apartment haha the Elders were nice and carried the heavy bags. We were given an Elders apartment... ew. Haha only Elders have ever lived here. We have found some crazy crazy things... anyway. This area was closed a transfer so the assistants gave us a phone with no numbers, a map of the bus route (had no idea how to read it), and they left! We had no idea where we even were haha. Sister Love and I were so lost…
Man, that first day was a crazy day. It took us a bit to find the bus but no worries we got it figured out :) I AM ON CAMPUS!! It is just so fun! I am meeting so many cool people :) We cleaned out apartment with lots of bleach haha. It is still pretty gross but it is getting there! Since we are re-opening this area we do not have any investigators but it is okay! We can just go out and walk around campus and meet some potentials! Man, I love it. Saturday was the national championship celebration at the Horse Shoe (the stadium). We thought it would be a great finding opportunity so we went! Totally not what we thought it would be… haha. We went inside to try and talk to people but the program to celebrate started and it got super crazy so we left... BUT IT WAS SO COOL! I saw the trophy :) Man, I love being champions :) GO BUCKS!
It is just so crazy talking to people my age... I can relate to them! There was this girl we met on the bus who LOVED make up! We talked for a while about it :) People this age are just so open, and so nice. Haha oh so this week is rush week for the sororities and all the girls have been dressed up all nice all weekend. We were walking into the Union and someone asked us if we got in... haha he totally thought we were rushing. Def not. I just feel like a freshman or something... it is so cool :) I am also broke.. haha we don’t really get fed on campus at all so this is an adventure! We also have no food in the apartment but luckily Panera Bread donates their left over pastries to the institute so there is always yummy pastries, and bread, and bagels. We have had a lot of carbs... got to love the college/missionary life :)
So on campus we are in charge of 2 singles wards.. therefore we go to 6 hours of church.. 6 HOURS! It was crazy. I was a little churched out not gonna lie :) But all the members are so awesome and so solid. I really really like them! During church my purse got stolen...:( It was in the coat rack in the institute... in it I had all my cash, my missionary credit card, and gift cards. Crazy my whole wallet wasn’t in it! I had a feeling I shouldn’t have packed it... but the Lord blessed us cause later that night I got a call from the police saying they found my purse! The policeman was a member and he found a pass along card with our number in my purse all the money was gone though :( NOO!! Those gift cards were our dinner the next few nights... oh well.
Elder Christofferson spoke to us Sunday night. It was incredible! He talked with us on how the Savior will always forgive us… He is always there waiting for us to use His atonement. It doesn’t matter how much we have sinned. That is why He suffered for us! He knew we would not be perfect, and we would mess up. Jesus Christ loves us so much that he died for us. He truly is our Savior.  How lucky is it that we have a living prophet and apostles on the earth today? As soon as Elder Christofferson walked into the room I felt the spirit so strong. It was incredible.

This week has been a crazy week of confusion, and just having no idea what is going on... but that is what happens when you are doubled in :) Sister Love and I are just figuring it out together though :) I just love her! She came out with Sister Horsley! She is amazing! We get along really well :) Can’t wait to tell you all more about my campus adventures next week! Love you!:)

All of my stuff. Notice how my foot is not touching the floor... haha :)
The relationship of Sister Thomas and Sister Slater... haha goodbye. We were way sad though.
SISTER LOVE!!! I LOVE HER! Get it? ;) 
Buckeye Grove! They currently don't have any Buckeyes. But no worries I will get some soon :)

We just had to take a quick selfie... haha no one wanted to talk to us
NATIONAL CHAMPS! Seriously though, so cool :)

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