Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year, New Me.

This week was swell :) I am not going to lie... at the beginning of my mission it was going so slow... I thought I had eternity left and I just wanted to be home, but time now is going TOO FAST! It needs to slow down! I want to be a missionary forever!:) Truly, I do. It is the most incredible thing :)
Shout out to Jenna Johnson for being the coolest person ever. (She told me she is going to read my blog) :) We had a The Testaments movie party with her Monday night it was a PARTY! We had sooo many treats... it was ridiculous. She has gotten me addicted to Birthday Oreos as well... but we came to find out on Monday that Birthday Oreos+Peanut Butter= Heaven! Mm mmmm mmmm :) We love Jenna :) She is a recent convert, she was baptized in September and she is SOLID! Literally the coolest person ever :) We are so lucky to have her and Wes in the ward!
Well Tuesday was a lot of fun... haha everything went wrong on Tuesday! Well first our investigator Meredith called and broke up with us!:( We were so sad… the first thing Sister Thomas did when I hung up was pull out a candy bar. Chocolate makes the soul feel better. It will all be okay though. We just planted a seed, she may not be ready now but she will be one day! She is a sweetheart though. I really like Meredith! We had plans to do service for Sister Collins at 1, as soon as we got there she texted us and asked if we could come at 2:30. Wasn’t a big deal, we packed our dress clothes so we could change and do other things... psych. I left mine at the apartment! And we were like 20 minutes away! Haha I really needed my clothes so we didn’t have any other option than to drive home and get them. My bad :) We ate chocolate the whole way home as well… it is comforting when everything is going wrong. So we went home got dressed then by the time we got back up to Dublin where Sister Collins lives it was time to go to her house haha so we went to her house got dressed back into our service clothes, and helped clean her basement out. It was a lot of fun actually! She had a bunch of stuff down there from like the 90’s :) Mine and Sister Thomas’s time :) The rest of the day ended up normal though, no worries!
We walked a lot this week so it was very tiring and Sister Thomas and I got so sore we could barely walk haha but missionary work is awesome :) And the Lord always blesses us especially when he knows we put our heart and soul into the work. That is truly what I am trying to do, give my all to the Lord. I only have this time in my life totally dedicated to the Lord, I have to take advantage of it :)
AHH! I hope you all had a great New Years!:) On New Years Eve Sister Thomas and I took some really cute pictures :) They look professional, we were shocked haha. Hey what is New Years Eve without red lip stick?:) I just love the fact that the year of 2015 I will be serving the Lord the WHOLE YEAR! 2015 will always hold a special place in my heart :) I have made many goals for this year, and I hope all of you have made goals as well! I want to become a better me this year. Honestly, I think of myself before the mission and I don’t really like who I was... The Lord is truly molding me into a better person. I care more for others, and want to help. I have never felt so close to the Savior, and I am grateful that this whole year I get to be his servant and grow closer to himJ
Oh, and on New Years Day the Buckeye’s won the Sugar Bowl game against Alabama :) They will be playing the champion game on the 12th, and they will be national champions.. just sayin’ :) GO BUCKS.
On Saturday it was POURING. I honestly cannot complain about rain in January but Sister Thomas and I were out walking around and we got soaked.. we took Wes out for a lesson and we walked there, and of course she wasn’t home we felt so bad! But Wes was fine, his clothes were just drenched. It rained all day. Sister Thomas and I put our clothes in the drier and decided we needed to go to the library because we were miserable, and smelled like wet dogs. So we went and did family history and guess what? I found 3 names! Ah the spirit of Elijah is so real, I love family history :) I found 3 woman in my family who weren’t even in the system, I connected them to their parents and now I get to do their ordinances :) Sweet Jenna is going to baptize them next week! Ah! It is just so amazing that we can help our family! Our mission is really focusing on family history. Thank you Grandma Sue and Grandma Cookie for doing so much of our family history :)
Wes taught us the best lesson this week on baptism and confirmation :) We already decided he will be a bishop one day, no joke. He is so amazing! The ward council committee was saying if you ever want a spiritual experience talk to Wes. He is just glowing all the time with the spirit, and when he opens his mouth it is truly filled. I do not know how I was so blessed to meet him and to help bring him closer to Christ but I am just so grateful. Missionary work is legit the best.

I hope all is well back home! I miss and love you all! I hope you had a great New Years… and remember it is never too late to change. The Lord is always waiting for you to use His atonement and grow closer to Him, he is always there for you :) That is one thing I have truly come to realize. Have a good week!

GAS HERE IS SO CHEAP! It actually is at $1.72 now. What is life?
Aw New Years photo shoot :)
Haha our Martinelli's picture. We are supposed to have a serious face... Sister Thomas obviously forgot. 
This is a legit laugh. Sister Thomas put her hand on my back and I was like "What are you doing?" haha it made a cute picture though :)
New Year's crown rock.
... and the little whistle things.

Hope you all had an amazing New Year's! Sister Thomas and I sure did :) And don't worry We went to bed on time :)
It never says in the white handbook that missionaries can't have Martinelli's...
Sister Slater feat. Santa. She was cold.

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