Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS... of the world!!!

So.. remember when it was -25 degrees here? Yeah... now it is 40. It is like raining! What the heck? Oh Ohio... always keeping us on our toesJ Speaking of Ohio... GOOOO BUCKEYES! National champions! The state was literally shut down. I kid you not. People here are crazy! Wes sent us updates all night since the game was on past our bed time. We woke up to the news that OSU Buckeyes were NATIONAL CHAMPS! AH! Sister Thomas and I were so so happy! Scarlet and Gray all day, everyday.
This week hasn’t been too crazy. We have a new investigator named Eleina! SWEETEST WOMAN!:) She is an immigrant from Russia. It was interesting because we went to go see her (she was in our area book under the potential investigator list) and she did not act interested at all at first. We started to talk about her family then BAM! She set up an appointment for us to come back! The spirit is the BEST! So we went back this week to see her, and taught her the Restoration. She is a talker... so we didn’t get to talk much haha but she is wants us to come back! Her sweet mom is 92 and listened to the lesson as well! She was telling Sister Thomas and I how beautiful we were, totally made our day.
We walked quite a bit this week... no car problems haha. But we had dinner with this woman in our ward named Sister Neff. She is Cambodian and made us homemade stir-fry and won tons. THEY WERE AMAZING! Oh my goodness! She just kept feeding us haha we were so full but seriously some of the best food ever. She is so sweet she is just this little lady! She calls us her angels. Love her! We had interviews with President Daines this week. They went really well! He gave me awesome tips on how to plan better, and asked me if I was ready for the country... haha not sure what that means but I will go where the Lord wants me to go! What is funny about this mission is that there is hardcore country areas... and total city areas. Country is where the Amish are though! There a quite a bit of Amish Mormons here!:) It is so cool!:) They make really good food too. So I guess I would be down for the country haha :)
Something I have come to learn on my mission is there is a lot I testify to others about that I actually need to strengthen my testimony in! We taught a recent convert about tithing this week. As I was teaching her I realized how important tithing truly is... and how when we pay tithing we are literally helping build the Lord’s kingdom on the earth today so he can come again! Woah! All the commandments God gives us are so important! They truly are there to bless us!
Since P-day this week is on Wednesday, Monday was your average working day. We did get pedicures during our lunch break though! Happy Martin Luther King Day to us! It was much needed... it felt so good. We went with Jenna and her husband Wendall. He got the pedicure not her haha :) But really though, so relaxing! Probably the only time I will get a pedicure on my mission but hey I have cute glittery pink toe nails now so I am happy :) We also taught Eleina so that made the day so great! We finished teaching her the Restoration and she just loves Joseph Smith’s story. She committed to read the BOM and to come to church! AH! She is totally getting baptized haha :) We are praying we don’t get transferred! A member in our ward this week made us Café Rio salads for dinner! We put him up to the challenge and he has never even had Café Rio before! It was SO GOOD! It tasted like home J It was so nice. Thanks Suey!:) haha! Oh and a Wes update: He is doing so great! He has a calling in the ward and his testimony is so solid! He taught us a lesson this week and he said Mormons were fun suckers! He wasn’t being serious though... I think haha!
I just feel so blessed to be here in Ohio serving the Lord. I am so excited for my sister and that she will get to experience the same joy I feel everyday! It is truly a blessing that we at such a young age have the opportunity! I wouldn’t change it for the world. Ohio has my heart :) AND TIME IS FLYING! This transfer was so so so fast! I guess you will see next week if I am still in Hayden Run or not… Love you all!:) 

Sunsets in Ohio >>>>>
Chick-Fil-A + National Championships? Tuesday was a good day :) GO BUCKS!
Sisters before Misters day feat. Wendall :) We were all happy with our feet! 
Don't worry, he got a pedicure too :)
Let's be honest... the flip flops are the best part of pedicures :) Love Sister Thomas so much! :) And thank you Grandma Cookie for the pedicures! Best Christmas present ever :)

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