Monday, January 12, 2015

The Cold Really Bothers Me Anyway.

Don’t worry about me, I am just in an arctic tundra called Columbus, Ohio... haha. Funny thing is when I opened my call the first thing I did was look up “winters in Columbus, Ohio.” Boy... I had no idea what I was getting myself into haha. I just wish I could be Elsa, then the cold wouldn’t bother me... but I am easily Anna... and it really bothers me. School has been cancelled twice this week one day because there was too much snow... and another day because the wind chill was -25 degrees, and apparently in weather like that if you are outside for more than 10 min. you will get frost bite. Was missionary work cancelled? No :) haha I really didn’t think it was THAT cold here though... but anyway so it has just been a icy weel :)
This week seriously consisted of a lot of trying to see people and them saying “oh girls, I can’t believe you are out! It is so cold... come back another time.” Haha are you kidding?! If it is so cold let us in! Whatever :) Sister Thomas’s shoes fell apart the day it snowed a ton... so she wore mine which were too small and didn’t block out the snow well... poor thing. Her feet were frozen! But on the bright side we went to this little pizza shack and got a chicken alfredo pizza which was delicious! At this pizza place you can pick any crust you want FOR FREE! I got a garlic crust and it was just prime :) Our stomachs were very happy after a long day of walking in the snow :)
Good news though! The day it was in the negatives we got the car :) Yay! We got a new investigator that day too so that is exciting! We haven’t been able to meet many new people lately so this was great :) Her name is Eleina. She has talked to Sisters before and it was funny cause we walked in and she said she was “too busy” to talk with us Sisters but we chatted for a bit and we started talking about her family eventually Sister Thomas was like, “so when can we come back and talk to you more about how God blesses families?” She then was like “Oh! Tuesday would be perfect!” Man, I love when Heavenly Father softens people’s hearts :) He’s got our back :) For dinner we ate with the Jolley’s... they have a chair like Carl in UP! I don’t know if I mentioned this but I don’t even care it is so cool :) It is one of those chairs you ride on to go up and down stairs :) Seriously the coolest thing ever I just love it! The Jolley’s are so cool!    
We did a lot of service this week! I shoveled my first drive way... yup mom you should be proud :) Haha Sister Thomas and I shoveled it fast too! It was her first time too :) We killed it. We also built a dresser with Sister Zimmerman. I am becoming so handy. Missions sure teach you a lot haha :) The day we built the dresser was the day it was 3 degrees outside but it felt like -25 because of wind chill. Brrr. I didn’t know cold until I came here. Haha I know I keep talking about the weather but that is like the most eventful/crazy thing to happen this week! It is just nuts!
Everyone here is freaking out about the Buckeye game Monday. I am too! They are gonna “pluck the ducks” as everyone here is saying haha :) Oh! One of the days this week we had to go get the oil changed on our car Nephi, they told us it would take almost 2 hours to finish. Sister Thomas and I wanted fries... we weren’t even hungry though we just wanted fries haha and there was a Red Robin next door so even though it was just 2 and a half hours before dinner Sister Thomas and I went to Red Robin and got fries and a burger...  Haha this is mine and Sister Thomas’s relationship... we just eat all the time. Food is our life. But we made a goal to only eat when we are hungry :) Haha did we regret the Red Robin? Never. Not even when we got to dinner that night completely full :) So worth it! FOOD IS ALWAYS WORTH IT!

I hope you all had an exciting week and kept warm :) I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK! I wish you could all be here serving with me because the people here in Ohio are the coolest, and nothing is better than giving your heart and soul to the Lord :) Don’t forget to root for the Buckeyes, and please watch the game in my honor :) LOVE YOU ALL!  

Our companionship in a nutshell... I just love her :)
I experienced Cane's this week. Ohio knows their junk food. Haha it is a restaurant dedicated to CHICKEN STRIPS! AH! My favorite :) We got the caninator. Don't worry, we shared it :) I was happy to get to experience this though! AH!
Do you see this ice tree? Holy smokes! It was really cold...
The chair like in Up :) I was super excited!
The dresser we built! We are very proud of ourselves :) (Ok, so Sister Zimmerman did most of it... haha we did help though!)

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