Monday, February 2, 2015

No Pictures Please.

Hmm… craziest week ever? Yes. Haha. HELLO!! How is everyone?:) I am sure you all saw my debut on the news:) I am now known as freaky Jesus girl... but hey I will take it :) I am freaky Jesus girl. Haha but really this week has been NUTS! Lets start off with Monday...
We go to the library to write and there is this guy there… we started talking to him and he freaked out when we found out we were Mormon! He was just so excited! He kept saying is today Christmas? Wow! This is the best day ever! So we got his number and set up an appointment to meet with him. He legit was ready to jump into the font. Sister Love and I were pumped about it. After he left he texted us saying.. “thinking of you two already.” Ok. Creepy. Then he said “I think the Lord has blessed me with sending me my two wives today... which one of you is not married cause I am IN LOVE!” OH MY GOODNESS! HE THINKS WE ARE POLIGAMIST! Hahahahaha. So I guess Sister Love and I are sister wives now. But really he was like 40. So gross. So that was really exciting :)
So one night this week we get a call at like midnight... I was like WHO THE HECK IS CALLING US! It was a private number so we didn’t answer... then at 12:30 they called again. It was the police! Before we knew it there was a huge pound on the door. I legit thought it was the people who stole my purse coming to get me. We open the door and it is the police and the first thing she said was “what’s your credit card number cause if it matches he is going to jail tonight.” Ok... at this point it was like almost one. We were standing there just like what…? Haha I don’t know my card number! The police lady told us they caught the robbers! The detective was questioning them so the police lady had to chill with us until the detective was done.. at one a.m. haha. It was so awkward… we tried to make small talk but she wasn’t having it. I cracked a joke about Twilight and she gave me the weirdest look. Whatever. It was awkward. Turns out the robbers were charged! Yay! Good job Columbus Police! But the story gets weirder… so the next day we are at Zone Meeting and I get a call from President. At this point I am like ok… I must be in huge trouble or something. But no. He just asked me if I wanted to be interviewed by the news. Haha what the heck! All that was stolen was gift cards! Why is this going to be on the news! I got my purse back! So funny. Anyway I was like why not. President told me to make it a good missionary opportunity... which is why in the video I am “freaky Jesus girl”. That is what everyone in the Singles Ward calls me. Haha whatever :) So yeah this whole purse thing was like never ending all week but hey… making good memories :)
This week was fun on campus! We contacted a lot of people and met some way cool people! We taught this guy named Philleano. He is just this huge black guy but he is so chill and quiet. He is cool though! We also taught Connor. He looks like Logen Fisher (haha Morgan will get that one). So I was pretty much brought back to my 12 year old days teaching him. Connor is cool! He bailed on church though! We will get him next time :) We are slowly building our teaching pool. Since the area is re-opening we are starting fro scratch but it is ok! It is fun to just get all new people to teach :)
This week we did the Sloopy’s challenge... oh my goodness. There is this diner on campus called Sloopy’s. At the diner they have these pancakes that are bigger than a plate! You can order 3 of them stacked, and on them and in them there is chocolate and peanut butter and it is just super sugary. So the missionaries here on campus have a contest to see who can a) finish it and b) in how much time they can finish it. EEEWWW. I was super nervous but I prepared my stomach that day and I felt ready. We saw this HUGE guy next to us who got it and could only eat like a fourth of it. The challenge it only a missionary thing but it is just so funny haha. It came out and it smelled pretty good. I was excited! I love pancakes, and peanut butter and chocolate! The timer started and we all just start shoving it in our mouths.. five bites in I couldn’t take it haha. It was SO DRY! I kept pouring syrup on it but it was just so sweet oh my goodness. I couldn’t do it. I gave up. But my sweet companion did it haha she was determined! She mushed it up and started pouring water on it to make it less dry! She legit turned purple. All 6 sisters went and did it together, only 3 finished.. but we were all so sick after. We waddled back to the institute. I kid you not, I never want to eat a pancake again. But it was fun to try it out :) Man, I love campus. There are so many people here prepared for the truth! Sister Love and I can’t wait to go out and find them!
I wanted to give a birthday shout out to LINSEY!!! YAY! 21 :) And also a shout out to my sweet sister who leaves on her mish soon. I know she will rock it. Who knew that the Slater sisters would go on missions at the same time? Haha. I am so glad I am here though. Ohio has my heart. I love it here. I love the people. And I love serving the Lord. I have never felt so much joy in my life. Yes this is soooo hard. And yes days are sooo long. But I do not regret the 5 months I have been here. And I am changing. The Lord is molding me into someone He wants me to be. I am so grateful for Him. I am so grateful for all of you too! Your prayers are felt! Those extra blessings get me through the day!:) THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!

P.S. I had no idea Sunday was the Super Bowl until Saturday night... Go Patriots I guess haha :) Oh mission life.. you just have no idea with what is happening :)

Aw! My hair is so red... Ohio is changing me :) 
Bus selfies! I love the photobomb in the back :)
Love her!
Sister Huang said that in China they don't do duck faces... so we taught her how. Haha I would say that she is pretty dang good :)
I'm ready for my close up :) I prayed so good for those bad guys.
This makes me sick just looking at it... haha gotta love the Sloppy's challenge. IT IS HUGE! There is peanut butter and chocolate between too. 

What was left... I swear I ate a lot!
I was super sick... haha NEVER AGAIN!

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