Monday, February 16, 2015

Love is in the Air! :)

Happy week of LOVE everyone!

It is literally my companions holiday! Sister Love.. Holiday of Love.. haha I think I am funny. 

Anyway, hope you all had a good Valentines day! I know I sure did! This year I took a different approach on it. Instead of sitting at home eating chocolate cause I don’t have anyone to celebrate with (which we did eat a lot of chocolate anyway) I tried to focus a lot on the love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for us! In 2 Nephi 1:15 it says “I am encircled about eternally in the arms of His love”. And what a true statement that is! We are always encircled in that love. So truthfully Valentines day is the Lords holiday...because he loves us so so so so much! :) And we can everyday remember that we are encircled in the arms of His love!:)

We taught Jose this week and we extended baptism! He accepted and got really emotional over it. I cried a little. He just expressed how he truly does want to follow Jesus Christs example! Man, I could feel the love God has for Jose. He is so ready. We haven’t extended a date yet but no worries we will soon. :) Jose is so amazing. He truly has that desire to follow the Lord, he loves him a lot.

So we were walking to the bus stop and a bus driver pulls up to the stop and tells us to come talk to him in the bus.. haha we were like ok. He pulls out a Subway gift card and says “here is your lunch for today. I am Brother Teeter I am in another ward.” What a sweetheart! I love members so much, always looking out for us missionaries. We never know when we will meet one from another ward. He was so nice!:) We taught Arica that day (a recent convert) and she is getting her recommend to do baptisms! Yay! We are excited and we get to go with!:) I feel so blessed any time I get to go into the temple. It is one of my favorite places on earth. :)

I got to go on an exchange with Sister Huang! She is such a cutie! She is a temple square missionary. When they are half way through their mission they get to go to another mission to be a “real missionary” as Sister Huang would say haha. She is from China and her English is seriously amazing. She is fluent! And she is the cutest thing. No one can say no to her on campus. We just love her! She has taught us a lot of Chinese and showed me some Asians she thought were cute on campus! haha (there are so many Asians!!!) She feels right at home! The exchange was super fun!

We are teaching this autistic boy named Gibson. He is so sincere. He came to church last week and he just wants to find God so bad, and he is on his way. He is so smart! He understands the doctrine so much better than most. We brought this member named Mike who talked about how important the gospel is to him and Gibson realized that this church is really important! He came to church this Sunday and loved it! He had to leave early though cause he works. But he really enjoys church and learning more about Christ.

FRIDAY WAS SUCH A WEIRD DAY! So...we go to the library to do family history and all of the sudden this girl group starts singing...pitch perfect style. I of course was freaking out! AN ACAPELLA GROUP WHAT?! I felt like I was in high school musical or something. Long story short this girl had them sing to her boyfriend. We were all excited to see his reaction at the end when she walked up to him but all he did was awkwardly hug her.. haha so lame. But it was cool! They were super good! Then some guy gave us a Valentine that had a pic of Kayne West on it haha no thanks dude. When we were walking out of the library this guy named Chuck stopped me and was like “my friend thinks your cute.” All of the sudden this guy starts talking to me! He introduces himself as Wes,weird I know. Wes is a popular name here I guess haha. And I introduce myself as Sister Slater. He freaked out for a second and was like “sister?” hahahah I knew he would stop trying to hit on me at this point! But it was cool cause he started to ask all these questions about the church! We got his number and he said he was going to Utah and wanted to see the temple and stuff. It was a good finding opportunity but so weird haha at least he didn't hit on me. Meanwhile Sister Love was talking to this creepy weird guy named Chuck, he wasn't interested at all. haha! It was just a weird day. Not to mention the sketch outfits we saw on campus that night.  Those ladies are sure dedicated to wear those clothes in 10 degree weather. haha!

Saturday was a BLIZZARD! Legit, it was a white out. Happy Valentines Day to us!:) They told missionaries not to drive and stuff so pretty much we were snowed in. :) Even though we don’t have a car. We did walk to Buckeye Donuts though! MMM SO GOOD! They were worth it! On the walk back though the snow was so bad I was drenched. Haha always a lot of fun. We ate a lot of candy that day, taught 3 lessons, and called some people. Overall it was a fun Valentines day! It was just way too cold to go anywhere. I came home to some presents though! Thanks you Jamie. Grandma Cookie and Grandma Sue for the cards they were so sweet! And thank you Morgan and Heidi for the package! AH! The socks are sooo cute I love them! AND THANK YOU MOMMY FOR GETTING ME M&M'S WITH MY FACE ON THEM! Legit!!! My face is on my favorite candy! I love my parents! Thanks mom and dad! Sister Love and I ended the night with a photo shoot! Like I do every holiday! I just love her!:)

Sunday was 1 degree most the day... no joke. The news told everyone to stay inside. I love OHIO!! :) Good thing we go to 6 hours of church.. yeah it is long haha. Since there are 2 singles wards and we cover both we go to both churches! AH! It gets long but I am grateful we were able to stay inside all day, and Happy Anniversary to my incredible parents!:)

I can’t believe my older sister wemt to the MTC this week. I thought of her all week. She is going to kill it as a missionary! How could anyone not love her? She is adorable!:) You were in my prayers sissy! I am so excited for you to experience the joy of serving!

I LOVE YOU ALL!! Have a good week!

Freaking out cause we got to go to Texas Roadhouse:) 

The girls:)

 Sister Huang and Sister Slater SLEEP OVER! Exchanges are so fun:)

 Brother Tender! He was such a good date:)

 I looove him:)

 and the photo  booth pics:) like every holiday:)


 awkward companion pics are the best. 

 notice her foot on her face haha.. my cute jammies are courtesy of my mommy:) 

spidey man and donkey kong haha:) Love this companion of mine:)

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