Monday, February 9, 2015

Helping Bring Others Closer to Christ :)

Man, the Lord is blessing us this week... so much! I feel so blessed! We got 10 new investigators this week... 10!! They are all so awesome. They all want to come closer to God. I know that they are on the right way that is for sure :) Such a blessing it is that I get to help bring others closer to Christ!:) This week really though has just been a bunch of teaching. But when I teach my testimony grows so much. That is what is so cool! You teach when you learn, and you learn when you teach. :)
But really, nothing too crazy happened this week except for just a bunch of teaching and meeting a lot of new people! So amazing! :) Man, I am not used to being this busy haha. We are teaching this one guy named Jose. He is super solid! Super nice guy! And he knows a member in the ward and didn’t even know he was Mormon! Haha Jose has known him since they were little! So crazy! Jose came to church and is just loving it :) This week Kai (a member) planned a movie night to watch Meet the Mormons! We brought Jose and he just loved it :) It was so fun we moved all the couches into the gym and we made popcorn and all the missionaries, investigators, and members just watched it all together. I love that movie :) The missionary mom story still makes me cry... haha you would think after 5 months I would be over it... But I of course still miss my family :)
We are teaching this girl who is studying to be a nun. She only meets with us to save us and to convert us. Things got pretty heated in our last discussion and I ended it with this “Look, we are not going to become Catholic and you are not going to become Mormon.” Haha all she said was “Fair.” Yeah I showed her haha :)
So yeah... pretty much all that happened this week except for the fact that it was 18 degrees one day then the next was 53... haha Ohio is so funny :)
I AM SO EXCITED FOR MY SISTER! I can’t believe she leaves Wednesday. Savannah, you will be an amazing missionary. I know people will be so drawn to you, because you are just the cutest :) I cannot wait for you to experience the joy of serving the Lord, there is truly nothing like it. You will never be happier in your whole life! I LOVE YOU!:)

I am loving it here on OSU so much. I become a bigger Buckeye fan everyday :) It is funny cause the institute building is right smack in between a bunch of sororities and fraternities. Haha we also see people partying from the comfort of the church building :) But I really do love going out everyday and talking to anyone and everyone. I love meeting all of God’s children and seeing how amazing they all are in their own special way :) Hope you all have a good week! BYE!:)

OSU! OSU! Notice the Michigan flag in the back... #ew.
We attempt to take cute spinny pics...
We also attempt to take jumping pics...
Haha my "I was on the news I am so famous don't talk to me" face slash this is my face every night :)

This is what movie night looked like :) Seriously so fun!
Well, this is it! Half of my heart is going to be in Nebraska! I love you Sister Slater :) You will kill it. P.S. I am trying to be a princess in the pic AKA a daughter of a King :)

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