Monday, May 11, 2015

Where's Savannah?

What a crazy week! So, lets first start with the crawl. Can I just say college students are legit nuts? Cause they are. So, they do this thing called the bar crawl here. They will go to every bar on High Street and by the end they are so drunk they are crawling. It is non-stop drinking from 11 am to 2 am. Yeah.. That was a scary day haha. Needless to say we didn't get the chance to talk to many people! The world is a crazy thing. We just have to hold to the rod though and all will be okay.

      We had to say goodbye to so many this week.L Amy, Tricena, Gretchen. Man, this is hard. I guess it is just a taste though of what it will really be like in 10 months when I leave Ohio. It was really hard saying goodbye to Amy though. We helped her pack up her dorm room and then she was gone.. I know that the Lord will provide a way I can see her again. She is one of my best friends. It is different now on campus with summer. At least this week there was a lot less people. But its ok! Many are prepared I know it!:)

        Lots of walking around this week.. we found a pretty caterpillar. He was fun.. what else.. hm… we saw a bunch of people take graduation pics so that was cool too. Oh! United Dairy Farmers celebrated their 75th anniversary with ice cream for 75 cents! I went.. twice.. haha. #missionlife I was telling Bishop that all we do as missionaries is talk and eat, and its so true! Haha! It was like 93 degrees this week with 80% humidity.. so pretty much everyday was a bun kind of day. haha! We all looked like death by the end of the day cause it was so hot!! I can never win.. .haha. I either say its too hot or too cold. At this point though I would rather have it at -13 degrees.

        MOTHERS DAY, MOTHERS DAY! So the day started out good.. until Sister Springer showed me this video about Mother’s and I cried! Haha I am such a baby! We were excited all day though to talk to our families of course! AHHH!! It doesn’t feel that long ago that I talked to them.. but I guess it was 5 months ago. Boy, does time fly! Anyway, talking to them was amazing and I got a special surprise!! THE BROWNS!! YAY!:) They made me happy;) But Savannah struggled getting online! The whole time I was just asking where’s Savannah was haha. “where’s Savannah?” I just wanted to see her so bad! Until I saw her face! EEK! MY SISSY! I love her so much!:) I love all my family so much! I am so grateful for them! Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder, but also stronger. I am grateful to have a family who is focused on the gospel. Love is the essence of this gospel and I know when you focus your family on Christ that love is there. There is no way you cannot have love when you are focused on Christ, cause He is love! Man, the gospel is true, the book is blue. haha! I am grateful to know that my family can be together forever! What a blessing that is and I would not want it any other way. Hope you all had a grand mothers day! Love you!:)
 *Add Caption* haha:) 

 BAR CRAWL!! We were scared... 

 This is what  High Street looked like all day.. feat. THE GREAT AND SPACIOUS BUILDING! Seriously, kids were in there just yelling and drinking look at the top! I legit felt like Lehi. haha. 


 SUSHI!!! MMMM! my new fav.. ok but lets be honest.. it made with a soy wrap and chicken haha so is it really sushi? 


Mothers Day + Skyping + The perfect duo= Matching Skirts:) 

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