Monday, May 18, 2015


     Well, this was a fantastic week!:) It all started with a great Monday at the chocolate cafe. Mmmm it was delicious!  Let’s be honest, P-Days are all about food haha. The craziest part of Monday though is when it started STORMING outside then all of the sudden… the sirens started going off. TORNADO!!! AHHH!! Haha we all ran outside to check it out. The streets were flooded! It was super exciting! It only lasted like 10 minutes though so that was lame. But I experienced my first tornado warning! It was a good time.

      Lots and lots of walking again this week. The buses aren't running much because of summer so we walk 3 miles to campus in the morning and night! Super fun!J It burned off the chocolate café haha. This week was good though. We taught Jasseim. So get this...Sister McDonald and I felt super prompted to go get sushi even though its kinda expensive… but anyway, we went and met Jasseim! He talked with missionaries before and wanted to learn more! Now the question is was the need for sushi just a craving, or was it inspiration? Either way I was happy. haha! The lesson went well! Sister McDonald took the lead! She is so amazing I cannot get over it. I am so blessed!!:)

       So side note I am currently sitting on the couch writing this on my alpha smart and S. McDonald is in the shower singing “Press Forward Saints” at the top of her lungs haha. No joke, the mission life is real!! The only songs we even enjoy singing anymore are hymns/songs we make up! Cause let’s be honest, it is the only songs we remember.

        New missionary training was this week and I learned so much. One of the things is that a mission is for sure to help bring others unto Christ, but also to grow myself. To become the person I want to become, and the only way I can do that is through the Lord. The process of change is not easy, I have for sure seen that. The refiners fire is hot and uncomfortable, but the outcome is worth it. Through Christ and His atonement we can all change. And I can see myself changing through my mission and especially through my experience training. We got to go to the TEMPLE!! AHH! That was an exciting shock! No one has gotten to do that before! It was such a special experience going with President and Sister Daines and Sister McDonald. I love the temple so much and I received many answers, and comfort I needed. It truly is the closest thing we have to heaven. J

       This week we taught Saki. I can’t remember if I have mentioned her before but she is atheist. Well, she WAS atheistJ AHHH!!! She told us she is for sure looking more into God. Want to know what changed her mind? The Book of Mormon. She read all the chapters when Christ is in America and it touched her so much. We also taught her the plan of salvation and she was so excited about it. She took a pic of the diagram I drew she just loved it. Plot twist though: she is leaving next week back to Texas.L The heart break of campus is real. She said she will come to church in the fall though. I adore her!:) It is crazy to see how the Book of Mormon truly does bring people closer to Christ. Even people who do not necessarily want to come closer to him. I love it cause I told her to be careful about what she looks up online cause people say crazy things about the church and she goes “I can’t believe some people!” haha either can we Saki, either can we!

      I want to share a quote from the new Mormon message “Lift”. If you all haven’t had a chance to watch it PLEASE go watch it now. It is so inspiring. This isn’t the exact wording but its close...

        “If you want to change physically you turn inward, if you want to change spiritually you turn outward.”

      I know that as we, like Christ, turn outward we can change who we are spiritually. We can become a new us. Serving others truly is the way we can grow and change spiritually and grow to the potential that Heavenly Father know’s we have. Is this change all going to come at once? No. This change is going to be a life long journey while we continually turn outward, but I know it is possible for me, and for all of us. So this week I challenge you all to look around you, and turn outward. I know by doing so you will come closer to Christ as he molds you into a new you.

 Cliche Railroad pic. 

 New Mish training! This is after the temple, aren't we glowing?:)

 It was this kind of week.. notice how green it is here. 


OK, we were dying! Even though geese are the MOST DISGUSTING THING ON EARTH! Their babies were pretty cute:) 

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